Sir Hawk'e Felwood

Witch hunter from Arlune


Human witch hunter with the eyes of a snake


he lived in a small village dreaming of adventure. Once, when he was 8 he had ventured into the woods and was chased away by a direwolf, only to be saved by the town hunter. he wished he could be strong and help people. always being the runt of the village. Although he wasn’t as strong as everyone he was resilient, he never got sick and was very endurant. that trait showed when the village was attacked and he was one of the few survivors. He ran for hours later collapsing on the ground. After awakeing I saw I was saved by two witch hunters, Frailen The Smiling Storm, and Vorseth Savior Of Blackridge. They agreed too take me with them to keep me safe. In about weeks time we reached Firestone Hall. they told me they would send me too a orphanage he told them he wanted too be one of them. Vorseth accepted his request and trained him. He succeeded the blood rite and was then able too ingest mutagens. Over his training he became faster, stronger, smarter. He was finally able too protect people. he learned of the bad name that plagued all witch hunters. He looked too change That and show he is a protector of the Realm not a scourge. Though his views on things may not be liked by some of his order he know them too be right.

Sir Hawk'e Felwood

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