Lord Winsor Crondalia

Dariel's superstitious father


The elderly lord of house Crondalia who has lost most of his former strength do to his old age.


Born in 1300 Winsor as the second son of Lord Frendral Crondalia and Lady Tallia Folder. When Winsor was 5 both his father and older brother died from a spring sickness forcing his young mother to rule until he came of age. Tallia led the family through troubled time but not before acquiring a large debt, which fell to Winsor to pay off because of this he spent much of his teen years hunting dragons beside King Thomas. Winsor personally slew Thaarn the Red at the Battle of Narthdile earning his wings formally joining the Order of the Skies at the young age of 17. He served with the Order during the Battle of Tarnstead, a battle which the Order of the Skies played a massive part. Winsor reciveved a portion of the substantial payment King Thomas gifted to the order and along with the gold recovered from Thaarn’s hoard successfully managed to pull his house out of debt. Winsor married to Lady Penelope Bracken in 1326 having there first child Rodrik shortly after that in 1327, despite both parents health and Rodrik’s survival, the pair spent the next 10 years unsuccessfully to have another child having there attempts met with nothing but miscarriages. Finally in 1338 there second son Dariel was born followed quickly by his younger brother Sethwen and Anastatia, twins 4 years later. Lately Winsor has grown more reserved following the departure of his eldest son Rodrik in 1352, only emerging from his bedchambers to perform lordly duties or receive vistors.

Lord Winsor Crondalia

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