Lady Penelope Crondalia

Dariel's Lady Mother


a older woman in her early 50s none have ever called Penelope a great beauty though neither had people insulted her looks, as she aged she managed to hold on to her grace while more beautiful woman began growing uglier.


Penelope Bracken was born in 1316 as the second daughter of Lord Lonmoth Bracken, and was raised in Warfield beside her brother and current lord Cylus Bracken. In 1326 she was married to Lord Winsor Crondalia and has had 4 children to live to adulthood to him. The two get along well, and seem genuinely fond of each other at times though Penelope doesn’t get along well with any of her children, having a especially bad relationship with her only daughter Anastasia. Many rumors float around about Penelopes spendthrift nature who always seems to be buying a selling family possesions to buy “better” ones, if not for Winsor’s shrewd nature Penelope might have bankrupted the family by now the House’s finances are still sound.

Lady Penelope Crondalia

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