Arluen may be a relatively small country in Caravane, but it is certainly one of the world’s biggest power players. Formed after the Markish Empire collapsed, Arluen is one of the few remaining countries from the Age of Shattered Kingdoms though it’s borders have shrunken considerable sense then. Arluen is known for it’s Chivalry and its Magic. The Arluenian Empire consists of the Island of Holt, there small claim of land on the mainland Nevran, the northern island of Iyarlaan and there massive colony Vurland.

Arluen is ruled by a Monarch (Traditionally a King), and a Council consisting of Dukes from all over Arluen and her states. King Thomas Sterwhen is the current ruler and has lead Arluen for nearly 83 years, increasing his age through potions of longevity.

Worship of the Creator is prominent in Arluen, though worship of the Creator is not common across Caravane most Arluenian’s believe that the other gods are just the sire of the Creator and that only he should hold the title of God. The Massive St. Hassen Cathedral in Jericho is the headquarters of the church and is quite a sight to behold.

Jericho is the “Impenetrable” Capital of Arluen extremly defensibly the city has never fallen to attackers

The Arluenian Throne

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