Order of the Seeking Flame

A Knightly order that follows traditional Witch-Hunter traditions.

Formed over 400 hundred years ago during the reign of King Tregan Burning Sea, the Order of the Seeking Flame was one of several Witchhunter orders formed during the Crusade of the Damned to combat the Demonic Cults that plague Arluen at the time. They were formed after the Witching Hour, so their history is less rooted in Anti-Magic Campaigns than other Orders. They did however take part in the Great Purging and they have as much innocent blood on their hands as any other Witchhunters. Some say the Order participated in the Doom of Whitehall but it was never proven, unlike other Witch Hunter Orders they stayed neutral during Hunter’s War and were spared during the Gorgon Kings “Final Hunt”. Membership has dwindled in the last 50 years much like the other Orders as more and more people turn to the Church to protect them from otherworldly threats.

All Witchhunters ingest small amounts of Mutagens before joining a Order, but the Seeking Flame takes it to a extreme. They Weaponize Mutagens using them to give them strength and speed in combat and provide them with other supernatural abilities to help them battle the forces of darkness, as a member rises in experience other mutagens become available to them if they believe themselves strong enough to wield them.

Prominent Members
Sir Vorseth Savior of Blackridge: A middle-aged witchunter of great renown he earned his fame when he stamped out a Lycanthrope infestation from the city of Blackridge when he was just 16 still more feared than loved the Savior of Blackridge still recieves scorn for his murder of Jane Wiltson a accused Witch.

Sir Frailein the Smiling Storm: Frailein may be sinister and ruthless but outwardly he always remains cheerful, once he saved a entire noble family from the clutches of a Necromancer cleaving through his army of dead smiling a huge smile even as he drove his blade through the skull of the black mage. Recently Frailein has gone missing.

Sir Aston the Giant: A halfling Witchhunters the Giant has such a skill with the Mutagens of his order that he can easily make himself as strong as a giant and as fast as a quickling, it is said that the Giant has never failed a mission.

Bellows Longdrinker: a half orc member relatively new to the order he quickly rose to prominence to his high tolerance of Mutagens many side effects that hamper other members don’t effect Bellows and this allows him to take much stronger doses of mutagens than other members.

Lord Raynald Chesard: Lord of Firestone Hall the Chesard’s have always supported the Order of the Seeking Flame but now the Chesards are the Crutch that holds up the Order, some think that Lord Chesard holds to much power in the Order and many thinks that he gained his position due to housing the Order in his holdfast not his undoubted prowess.

Sir Brashton Devil Eye: The ancient one-eyed knight was once a warrior of the faith until for some reason he abandoned the faith at the age of 50 and joined the Order and quickly rose through the ranks of the Order

Order of the Seeking Flame

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