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The Night of Wild Magic


Duchy of Rondel
Duchy of Warfield
Duchy of Farnox
Duchy of Nirvan
Duchy of Algastard
Duchy of Torskott
Duchy of Sistermourne
Duchy of Drowned Isle
Duchy of Brighthill
Duchy of Spearpoint
Duchy of Westreach
Duchy of Gorgonhold
Duchy of High Peak

The Great Houses of Arluen
House Starhewen of Torskott
House Ravenstorm of Warfield
House Gallowmere of Westreach
House Rames of Farnox
House Rothbreed of Nirvan
House Blacktyde of the Drowned Isle
House Augustguard of Spearpoint
House Livingwood of Brighthill

The Other Noble Families
House Crondalia

The Red Birds
Order of the Seeking Flame

Other Locations
Whetstone Keep

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