Located in the Duchy of Rondel on the small island of Kaswick just north of Iyarlaan the peaceful village of Kelter is named after the river she lies on. Kelter is known for her apple orchards her turnip farms and sheep pastures. The village Vicar Nathaniel Carmichael is a pious man with three daughters, a son and a lovely wife. He was appointed to his position by The Duke of Rondel, Quentin Hallion. Nothing of Consequence happens in Rondel. The citizens pay their taxes to appease the king and the dragons, the winters and falls are cold and wet and the summer’s hot.

The Black Hart: The local inn is named after its most celebrated feature black stag’s head mounted above the fireplace. It’s not such a big deal but the innkeeper, Henry Horner, is fond of inventing tales about how the stag met it’s end, the most popular being that it was chased into the village by hunters blundered into the tavern to escape their arrows and was killed by a magic missile from a apprentice mage. Ever since the Night of Wild Magic the Stag’s Head has begun to animate and talk on nights where the moon is full.

Church of St. Charlyle: This small wooden house of worship is dedicated to the Creator. The attendant Priest Father Algernon Fitzgibbons has been on edge of since the Night of Wild Magic and looks like he hasn’t slept well either.

Vicar Manse: The Vicar’s house is made of stone with a sagging tile roof. The vicar’s son oliver has not been seen for three months, and folks claim to have heard strange noises from the vicar’s locked barn many believe that Oliver fell victim to some curse on the night of wild magic weekly visits from Father Fitzgibbons only adds to the growing concerns

Webb’s Apothecary: The beautiful half elf apothecary Leshanna Webb brews potions and poultices when she’s not practicing witchcraft (which is perfectly legal). The Night of Wild Magic not only caused her recipe books to grow wings and fly away but caused her house to sprout giant bird’s feat. Occasionally her house “goes for a walk” usually with her trapped inside screaming profanities

Worg’s Bane Tower: A old stone watchtower just south of Kelter build to warn villagers of attack from the goblins and orcs of Hundredhills. It’s only resident John Hamridge and his wolfhounds specifically trained to take down worgs. “Tall John” as he is known by the locals was tasked by the duke to scout the southern reaches of the Hundred Hills t check for signs of Orc or goblin activity. Tall John likes being alone execpt on nights where he drinks himself silly at the Black Stag haunting the other villagers with sobering tales of bloodshed and murder.


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