House Ravenstorm of Warfield


As High As Honor, so are the words of the ancient an noble House of Ravenstorm. The House can boast an unbroken line of kings lasting nearly a thousand years until Jocelyn Starhewen was placed above them. Pragmatic, Brave, and Honorable, House Ravenstorm survives as Dukes today a fearsome power despite there loss of Regality.

The Ravenstorm’s were minor bannermen of the Valorstand’s the now excitant line of ancient kings who built Jericho and united Arluen. The Ravenstorms grew powerful under there Kings and there power was only checked by there ancient rival House Bracken , a house that they fought constantly against and despite many marriage alliances the house hate each other even to this day.

In -152 the Ravenstorms and the Brackens along with several other powerful Lords overthrew the Valorstands forcing the family to become isolated within Jericho while the Lords divided up the riches of their land. Both the Ravenstorms and the Brackens absorbed their former allies until Warfield was no longer many parts and instead was two Ravenstorm land and Bracken land. The two fought against each other for generations only occasionally allying to wage war against Farnox or help the Church against Brighthill.

The Ravenstorms gained much power after the discovery of Vurland when Jellen the Explorer brought much wealth and prestige to the family and established the major port city of Highstorm which allowed for many trade alliances to flourish. In 573 when the Severians landed and began fighting against the Livingwoods, Kjern Ravenstorm waited and watched as the war transpired. As Valorstands, Livingwoods, Starhewens, Rames, Augustguards, and Brackens fought against them Kjern decided he wanted to be on the winning side and trapped the Bracken army between his own and the Severian’s Kjern spoke with General Khal and agreed to swear loyalty to the Emperor and fought alongside the Severians in the Battle of Redgrass Field and the other Kings were forced to acknowledge Kjern as their sovereign King appointed by the Severians in 581.

A short summary of the Ravenstorm Kings

Kjern the Wyvern King:(581-608) A crafty and clever king Kjern proved to be a respectable ruler and died fighting against Drowned Men in 608
Denatal Strongstaff: (608-622) A powerful mage, Strongstaff managed to hold his rebellious Dukes together and with the help of the Empire put down a Valorstand rebellion ending the line. Denatal died in a freak magic accident leaving his 12 year old son to inherit in 617.
Adrian the Realm’s Delight(622-646) Many thought that a boy king would doom the young nation and Imperial forces prepared to hold on to their investment but with gentle guidance from his mother Adrian became a kind ruler and was loved by his people. He made Jericho his capital instead of Raventree Hall which he gifted to his brother. Jericho has been the capital ever since. Adrian died of a bad cough in 646.
Matthew Dulldagger (646-648) A foolish dullard Matthew was not good at anything thing and managed to undo much of his father’s good work. He managed to have a son before he died after falling down a flight of stairs.
Kjern II the Winesot King (648-711) A drunken fool Kjern II reign was truly ruled by his Bracken wife a marriage of which he was bullied into. He died in 706 from liver failure.
Nicholas the Conciliator (711-763) Nicholas called the 1st Great Council after being convinced to by Banlan Greeneyes. Nicholas offered his crown to a more worthy man, but by popular vote Nicholas was chosen as the Sovereign King of Arluen. Nicholas managed to bring Sistermourne peacefully into the realm in 735. Nicholas died in his sleep in 763
Adrian the Meek(763-809) A sickly and feeble king Adrian II none the less managed to rule a peaceful 50 year reign and forged many lasting connections with other countries including Maloria.
Percival the Clever(809-850) The second son of Adrian II, Percival’s older brother is said to have been met with a horrible accident shortly before his father’s death. Percival saw the signs of a Malorian incursion and quickly managed to side with Maloria as the two countries marched side by side and smashed the Markish and the Vaspirians before returning with their riches in 840. The war was profitable for both countries and a lasting alliance was formed. Percival was killed by his wife in 850 after she discovered his bastard daughter.
Kjern the Peacemaker(850-900) Kjern III fought against the Nirvan for almost the entirety of his Kingship but managed to conquer Nirvan shortly before his disappearance in 900 this is the year he is assumed to have died in.
Percival III the Raven King (900-936) Percival II not only managed to hold Nirvan against rebellions but also managed to drive back the northern advance of the Awglshein known as (ironically enough) The Raven, Percival did not kill the creature but instead forced it deep within Torskott and the monster has not emerged again to this day seemingly content with its tyrannical hold over it’s small domain.
Leon Warhungery (936-945) Leon brought Rondel into the realm peacefully at the age of 19 after fighting a single battle against the Orcs who inhabited the island sadly this caused him to think of himself as a great warrior. Leon began preparations to invade the Drowned Isle and bring it into the realm. He was met with a rude awakening as he was captured, tortured and raped by Ukaal Blacktyde who killed the young King, enraging the realm.
Holden the Holy (945-954) the brother of Leon, Holden “forgave” the Drowned men and ended the war much to the anger of his Dukes who sought vengeance for the murdered king. Holden only kept his throne due to an incompetent rebellion and a warlike Archbishop who enjoyed the piousness of the king if not his demeanor. Ukaal Blacktyde killed Holden when he tried to peacefully bring the faith to the isles though he met a kinder end than his brother.
Matthew II (954-980) The youngest son of Percival III Matthew outlived both of his childless brothers and at the age of 34 became King. Matthew did a decent job of being king and lived through a relatively uneventful time and died in 980 after two decades of peace.
Leon Short Reign(980-980) Leon II barely ruled for 6 months before he was usurped by his brother Kaladin.
Kaladin the Usurper (980-995) Kaladin’s reign started and ended in blood. Kaladin stabbed his brother through the heart in the middle of court before promptly sitting on his throne. The most powerful knight and scion of the age, any who challenged his rule were dueled and usurped by Kaladin making him grow ever stronger. After 14 bloody years his Tyrannical reign was ended by the Talendronax, an ancient gold dragon who placed Leon II’s son on the Throne.
Ajax the Survivor(995-1000) The infant son of Leon II Ajax spent much of his early life fleeing from his tyrannical uncle Kaladin until he was 15 when he became King. Ajax died 5 years later from an Nirvan Assassin.
Roger the Boy(1000-1006) Roger came into his throne at the age of 5. A boisterous and loud boy. Roger quickly became the terror of the castle pulling pranks on maids, and nobles alike. Roger’s mother Priscilla Rames ruled for him until Roger sadly died young from a jousting accident when he was only 11.
Tristan the Tame(1006-1024) Younger by his twin brother Roger by 11 minutes Tristan was a quite, kind and contemplative lad who came to power at the young age of 11 in 1006. Tristan’s mother continued to rule for him as Tristian proceeded through his schooling. His regency ended in 1011, where upon he married his cousin Dalila Rames and had 6 children on her, 2 sons and 4 daughters. Tristan maintained a peaceful reign but allowed both the Gallowmeres and the Hallions to lead armies on his behalf against the Gorgon and the Blacktydes respectively though both attempts failed. Tristan’s royal barge was beached by Drowned Men in 1024 and after a frantic search King Tristen was found dead leading to his 18 year old son to ascend.
Lucifer the Necromancer King(1024-1033) Lucifer the Pale was the elder son of Tristan and seemed much like his father albite with more magical talent. After the death of his father Lucifer seemed to grow more reclusive and began becoming obsessed with death and his bloodline. Lucifer appointed Torin the Terrible as his head Archmage and his Justiciar. Together the two worked on some grand experiment deep with the catacombs beneath the city. In 1026 Lucifer ordered his Dukes to levy their forces and prepared to invade the Drowned Isle. While many still have reservations about the young King and his antagonizing of the church the Dukes of Arluen were eager for revenge and over 400,000 soldiers stormed the Drowned Isle. The war was a bloody affair on both sides and in 1028 it seemed that the Drowned Men would push off the King’s forces, until Lucifer played his hand, the newly formed Order of the Grave. 1000 loyal Knights were bound to the sword King’s Promise and were killed, creating an army of Ghost Knights who are loyal to the King. Lucifer decreed that no other knights would be forced to join but that any knight who wants to join can bind their soul so that they might join upon their death. This greatly angered the faith as Lucifer continued to implement less than morale means to defeat the Blacktydes. Flesh Golems patrolling the streets of Jericho, Vampire honor guards, and Dracolich mounts all can be counted upon the King’s improvements.. In 1030 Lucifer ended the war with the Drowned Men finally bringing House Blacktyde into the fold. Returning to Jericho the king found a Holy Revolution and spent the next 2 years facing constant threats of assassination while Torin the Terrible lead an inquisition on those within the city and dealt with many “threats” however he did not manage to save his King as Lucifer was poisoned in 1033
Tristafer the Just (1033-1054) The younger brother of the Necromancer King, Tristifer had his revolution backed by the church and was anointed in 1033 3 days after his brother’s death. A fairly popular King, Tristifer was a frivolous and extravagant ruler spending vast amounts of money on tourneys and other events during a time of financial crisis. Tristafer dealt with many of his brothers creatures but never really got around to abolishing the Order of the Grave. Tristafer the Just died in single combat over a trivial matter with Dagon Rothbreed in 1045.
Adrian the Lusty( 1054-1074) The Eldest son of Tristafer, Adrian was a man of many tastes and chased after many pleasures. Adrian did not marry instead sleeping with any woman he wanted which the angered the Faith. In his twenty years Adrian had over a hundred bastards though he only acknowledged 4. On his deathbed Adrian legitimized his bastards though the Faith super ceded his decision and crowned his brother Lantros in their stead.
Lantros the Last (1074-1136) Lantros in his first 3 years dealt with his brothers any children many of which all wanted to take control over the country, with the backing of the faith Lantros dealt with the bastards imprisoning many in the Oubliette beneath Jericho, the Oubliette as ever since known as the Bastard’s Oubliette due to dozens of Adrian’s children being imprisoned here. In 1125 Lantros married Jocelyn Starhewen a woman whom he truly loved. His Queen was the darling of the court and despite the pair’s lack of children and age disparity the country prospered. When the King fell ill he began looking at his Queen and comparing them to his cousin Kaidan who was to be his heir. Kaidan was a fool and a coward and his son’s bullies and idiots. Lantros did not wish to leave the crown in there hands. The King tried desperately to have a son but it was to no avail. Finally he decided that his Queen would succeed him while he compared the honor of House Starhewen to that of House Ravenstorm. Upon his death in 1136 Queen Jocelyn was crowned after a Great Council refused to overturn the King’s decision.

Displeased at the turn of events and with the thought of being deprived of his birthright, Duke Kaidan Ravenstorm cousin to Lantros began to press his claim. After raising his levies and forming an alliance with House Livingwood, Kaidan planned to march to the capital and forcibly take the thrown, only the quick thinking and bravery of Jocelyn Starhewen prevented war. The young Queen dispel the anti teleportation wards around Kaidan’s camp and threatened Kaidan while he was taking a bath. He quickly dropped his claim and returned home, and House Livingwood claimed that they had not truly been giving their full support to the Ravenstorms.

Kaidan the Coward outlived the Griffin Queen, and even after her death refused to rebel much to the anger of his sons and bannermen. Kaidan passed away the same year as Unthar Starhewen ascended to his mother’s thrown (1210). The Ravenstorms began causing trouble for House Starhewen but were kept in check by Cordial Bracken, Prince Ronald, and Prince Lewis.

During the King Ronald’s war against the Gorgon Duke Robin the Red Bird, fought alongside the rest of the realm personally slaining the Harma Dogshead. He was also one of the few present when King Ronald met his end against the Ancient Wyrm known as Icefyre.

Robin held the ambition of his father close to heart, and sensing weakness and dissension struck while King Thomas was spending time abroad with his family. Robin smashed House Rames, House Bracken, and House Livingwood, and began laying siege to Jericho which was held by the surviving Bracken forces. After a lengthy 2 year long siege, King Thomas decimated Robin’s army with a combined force of Malorians, Vurlish and Torskott soldiers, killing Robin in the action. House Ravenstorm abandoned their ancestral holdings and fled to Highstorm a allied Duchy in Vurland, there the sons of Robin were kept safe for the next rebellion.

In 1302 a plot to place Lyonel Ravenstorm on the Throne began, a tourney was staged at Raventree Hall in order to gather supporters for Lyonel. Unfortunately for the Ravenstorms Prince Ronnel had entered the Tourney. Ronnel unmasked Lyonel during their joust, and put an end to the ill fated Second Red Bird Rebellion.

In 1313 Kaidan decided that he would stage his rebellion while the King was dealing with the White Dragon Ezenglaur. However the Dukes of Vurland quickly caught wind of the plot and the rebellion died in its infancy as the surviving Ravenstorms fled there last Haven.

Robin II donned his father’s crown in 1325 after discovering an unlikely ally in Joseph Brantham. Brantham unhappy with Thomas’s divorce from his sister Nora was happy to hide the Ravenstorms in their former holding Raventree Hall. The pair secretly contacted Lord Gestardt who was speaking out against the King, there trio was gained a fourth unlikely member in the form of Argile Livingwood former friend of Thomas who supported him in the first rebellion. Together they swore to place Robin on the Throne,. After forming an army with under power illusion magic, they quickly marched towards Jericho in the hopes of taking the city quickly. They were intercepted by Duke Jonas Bracken who neglected to inform others of the Rebellion in the hopes that he would receive honors for ending it early. Though his force nearly doubled that of the rebels Jonas’s army was routed and he fled to the capital. Despite this early victory the Rebels were driven back by House Augustguard, and House Rosserford.

With Prince Ronnel hot on the heels of the Rebels, the Red Birds divided their forces in two hoping to lose the Prince in the dense forests of Brighthill. Kaidan Ravenstorm lead a massive defection known as the Betrayal at Gunthsard, after his betrayal Kaidan surrendered to Prince Ronnel and was pardoned and allowed to rejoin the realm.

Kaidan’s sister Alerie was married to King Thomas and Kaidan himself was given back Raventree Hall and Highstorm (but not Stonehill) and named Duke of Warfield. Duke Kaidan has since married Melissa Amberston and has had 4 children on her.

House Ravenstorm once stood on top of realm as its proclaimed ruler now they are forced to serve another, the bitter taste of failed rebellion still lingers in there mouths but will this be enough to prevent them from reclaiming their birthright?

Current Members

Duke Kaidan Ravenstorm
Kaidan now spends most of his days grooming his only son Lantros for command, Kaidan maintains a good relation with his sister the Queen and has most recently been aiding Farnox in dealing with the Awglshein known as the Basilisk.

Duchess Melissa Ravenstorm
Melissa married Kaidan when she was 23. Originally from Torskott her marriage to Kaidan helped solidify the union between House Starhewen and House Ravenstorm. She is a sorcerous of moderate talent and has passed this power onto her son and one of her daughters. Melissa has a loving relationship with her husband and there marriage has prospered. Despite Melissa’s magical talents she was not physically built to have children and all of her children proved difficult to birth. She is no longer able to have children.

Lady Tara Ironband
The eldest daughter of Kaidan and Melissa she married a Nirvanish Husband and is currently living with him in the White Wastes. She has 6 children

Lady Millicent Ravenstorm the Blue
Milicent the second eldest daughter inherited her mother’s natural born talents like her younger brother. Millicent was appointed to Council of Magi shortly before her 30th birthday by her Aunt Alerie. While there is no doubt she is qualified some question whether or not she earned this position due to her family

Lady Alerie
Alerie the youngest daughter of Melissa and Kaidan. She is not often talked about since three years ago she disgraced the family by marrying a Markish Sailor, the family has disowned her and she is currently somewhere in Marka.

Sir Lantros Ravenstorm.

Lord Derek Ravenstorm
Younger brother of Kaidan, Derek is the Lord of Andenvr and Master Steward to King Thomas, he was appointed by Alerie over 5 years ago and has been haphazardly managing the finances of the realm since. It is said the King wishes to dismiss him but is refuted by his Queen.

The Ravenstorms of Vurland
When the family was exiled from Vurland many of them fled to Highstorm while many returned to Arluen when the King pardoned them Duke Varon (cousin of Kaidan) decided to stay, so the main family has an extended one in Vurland under Varon.

Tighmaevril Blades
House Ravenstorm once held over a dozen Tighmaevril Blades, now they are reduced to a measly two. “Black Bird” and “Daran’s Pride”. Kaidan has repeatedly request several of his family’s ancestral swords to be returned to him, but the King thus far has been unwilling.


Raventree Hall: Built by the Ravenstorms over 6000 years ago this ancient stone castle is built around an even older grove of trees, once it is said that the Ravenstorms worshiped these trees however these rumors maybe unfounded.

Highstorm Castle: A formidable castle built in the middle of the city of Highstorm located in Vurland. This Castle was built about the ruins of an ancient precursor pyramid mixing new stone with ancient.

Andenvr: This castle lies close outside Jericho, for what purpose it was built is unknown however the Ravenstorms have always been vigilant in guarding it.

(Formerly) Stonehill: This stout fortress was built by a minor house on the border of Bracken and Ravenstorm land, the castle has been a source of conflict between the two houses for a long time. When the Ravenstorms claimed the Throne it seemed there hold on it was finally secure. However since the First Red Bird Rebellion House Bracken has held it, causing much strife between the families.

Scions of Andurias
The Ravenstorms once held the most powerful bloodline of Andurias, however now they have been displaced to second best under the Starhewens. There stark black hair and shining green eyes are a symbol of their bloodline.

Military Strength
Supposedly the Ravenstorms hold the entire military power of Warfield behind them which ranges from 60,000 to 80,000, however there rival house the Brackens control at least a 1/4 of there given armies to keep the powers of the Ravenstorms in check.

House Ravenstorm of Warfield

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