House Crondalia


The northernmost house in Westreach, once House Crondalia was the first defence against the Barbarians of the Western Coast, but now the house has lost much of it’s original purpose due to the establishment of Gorgonhold. However House Crondalia has not lost much power in part due to the excellent political schemings of the current Lord Winsor and his father Lord Frendal who was rewarded handsomly by King Thomas after slaying Ealldrax the Red Wyrm in 1298. Misfortune has recently fallen on the family due to a pair of powerful alliances falling through one with the rich House Folder and another with the powerful House Tangrent.

Current Members
Lord Winsor Crondalia the Superstitious: A older sickly man Lord Winsor has lost much of his former grace while still maintaining his wits.
Lady Penelope Crondalia: a average looking woman from House Bracken Penelope has a spendthrift nature and constantly gets caught in lies and bad investments, luckily Winsor manages to keep her in check.
Sir Rodrik Crondalia the Fanatic: The elder son of the Crondalia’s Rodrick has been missing for nearly 10 years after suddenly announcing his intention to travel the world. , his family fears the worse and Dariel was named as the heir in his absence.
Sir Dariel Crondalia, The Purple Knight of the Hearth: the second son of House Crondalia Dariel earned some fame recently after heroically taking up leadership in a battle against local tribesmen, despite Dariel’s foul temperament many are hopeful that he becomes a good lord.
Lady Anastasia Crondalia: The beautiful daughter of the Crondalia’s Anastasia is a thoughtful and intriguing girl who is not bereft of courtly charm, she is currently in Jericho in an attempt to secure a powerful alliance with another family.
Sethwen the Silver: The third son of the Crondalia’s Sethwen choose to become a mage instead of a Knight and excelled in that field graduating from the Mancery two years early. Currently Sethwen is attempting to become an Archmage but has thus far been unable to find one willing to train him.

Tighmaevril Blades
House Crondalia holds a single Tighmaevril Blade which was dubbed “Bane of the Wild” due to it’s extreme effectiveness against Fey, Lord Winsor currently holds the blade and it is the pride of the family.

Cornwall Castle: Built originally to serve as a buffer against Tribesmen raids after the Order fell this drafty fortress is now only used for official occasions as the Crondalia’s themselves prefer to now live in the more comfortably half built manor house that Winsor began constructing over 40 years ago.

Scions of Brenna
Much like the Gallowmere’s House Crondalia are descended from Brenna, in fact due to this relation some speculate House Crondalia started as a bastard Gallowmere line though this fact is unproven.

Military Power
One of the Strongest banner to the Gallowmere’s Crondalia lands typically produce between 4,000-7,000 troops gatherer from there vassels House Heulough, House Harkin, and House Amberton.

House Crondalia

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