House Blacktyde of the Drowned Isle


House Blacktyde and the Drowned Men they have always been considered a threat to the security of Arluen with their constant raiding of the coastline along with their tyrannical control of the waters surrounding the Drowned Isle the small realm they call their own. Until the reign of the Necromancer King, the Drowned Men ruled themselves now they are under the nominal control of the crown. Whenever the realm is in peril, you can always count on the enterprising Drowned Men capitalizing on this weakness united under the banner of House Blacktyde.

House Blacktyde and the Drowned Men are inexorably linked to the Battle of Mount Deismaar, where the forces of the Gods clashed with Azrai the Tainted One. The Ocean Goddess Masela confident in the ability of herself and her followers was the first to directly engage with Azrai along with her most devouted followers. When she fell her essence was encased inside her followers leading her most devout to continue the fight alongside the other gods, thus hundreds of her followers clashed with those of Azrai when the dark god fell, infusing his blood with those of their own and with that of Masela causing a strange duality which is not seen with the blooded scions of other gods.

The black blood warped and corrupted these people turning them into a warlike and violent people who began to tear the new realm of Arluen apart at the seems, the Drowned Men might have destroyed themselves in the Usurpation Age without the arrival of the Drowned Priests. These men emerged from the deeps and preached of a new way of life and rallied the Drowned Men behind the ideas of their new faith falling under the banner of the Storm God a fierce and malevolent entity which spurs them to violence against those outside the islands. While this prevented the destruction of the Isle, this has caused much strife in Arluen for generations as a new evil emerged from the sea on ships of dark wood stained with blood.

The name ""Blacktyde" emerged in this supposed golden age of the Drowned Men, amid other ferocious reavers those of Blacktyde descent. Reavers such as Orgon Widowmaker, Wulfgar Priestkiller, Farland the Fierce, and Andrik the Unsmiling. They fought with all the men of the Holt and Iyaarlan and where not really put in check until Kalandros Valorstand II ended the Age of Usurption by slaying Andrik the Unsmiling and sending the Gorgon reeling to Iyaarlan.

During the Age of Valor the Drowned Men suffered, with the united forces of Holt to oppose them and the Fearsome Gorgon ruling Iyaarlaan their raids turned towards Nirvan which proved a difficult journey for their small longships.

In -189 Harlan Blacktyde seized control over the Isle proclaiming himself the Drowned King. Many scholars debate whether or not this was the beginning of the Age of Kings or whether the fall of House Valorstand in -152 was the true beginning.

During this Age the Blacktyde warred with every realm and upon the discovery of Vurland preyed on the enterprising noblemen who sought to travel there. They clashed with every King and Country raiding countries while their armies were engaged elsewhere allowing them easy prey.

House Blacktyde of the Drowned Isle

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