House Augustguard


Ancient, Powerful, Temporal all this and more can be said about the Great House of Augustguard Scions of Vorynn renowned for their unparalleled Arcane might, they might be best known for ruling the Duchy of Spearpoint but they formed the Mancery several thousand years ago and reined as Kings for a time before the all powerful Serveian Empire installed a Ravenstorm above them. The Augustguards might have lost their regal status but they are still a formidable power in Arluen today.

House Augustguard was formed in -1345 A.V after the powerful mage Ordius founded the Mancery in Jericho and began instructing young mages in the ways of the Arcane before retiring with a young wife to the peaceful lands north of Farnox and building himself an impressive keep. Descendants of Ordius began protecting the region from foreign invasions from northern savages and Southern crusaders and the Scions of the region named Evelyn Augustguard as the Wizard Queen of Spearpoint and Evelyn proved very capable of protecting the country as she teleported between the northern and southern fronts casting powerful realms spells and decimating armies southern or northern armies finally reaching a stable peace with King Uthrick Starhewen and King Alister Rames and establishing her borders. Jessica Augustguard allied with Uthrick Starhewen II in -1202 A.V to fight against their aggressive Dwarven Neighbors smashing King Hammerdoom’s vanguard in the Siege of Starfall ushering in a century of peace between Spearpoint and Torskott. In -1098 the grasping King Aenys the Dreamer broke his peace with Torskott though his invasion was thwarted by Ronnel “Storm Blessed” Starhewen who slew and usurped the foolish King Aenys. This lead to a steep decline in the power of Augustguard and Spearpoint as Torskott and Farnox began encroaching on the borders of Spearpoint as the country went through terrible monarch after terrible monarch. Spearpoint recovered after the discovery of Vurland as Torin the Red brought back wealth and magic items to his family and married a Esala Rames in 12 A.V. When the Serevian’s arrived in 512 Queen Landara married Aleric Rames to attempt to forestall the encroaching empire creating the grand alliance with the Thanes of Invernia, and the Starhewens of Torskott but lost at the Battle of Redgrass Fields against the Serevians and Ravenstorms and were forced to bow to Kjern Ravenstorm the King of Arluen. Under the Wyvern King, Duchess Landara waged war against her former Dwarven allies and beat the Thanes into submission. Philoneous the Red became one of the first Arluenian Archmages when the Council was established in 584, ushering in a long line of Augustguard Archmages who have had over 100 memebers of their family become apart of the council, including having multiple family members on the same council a feat almost unheard of. When the Serevian Empire collapsed and the Great Council was called Samson Augustguard argued against aiding the Empress and was for declaring for independence much like Nirvan was. Samson became the first Duke of Spearpoint in the now independent Arluen. Under the Ravenstorms House Augustguard began it’s slow rise to the back to the top. Earning many honor’s in the Nirvan Annexation Duchess Olivia Augustguard pushed back Nirvan invaders and held Jericho for the King while he was fighting overseas. Through a series of strategic marriages House Augustguard managed to greatly improve the strength of their bloodline after it had suffered several usurptions.

In 1019 Lucifer the Pale ascended to the Throne and appointed Duke Torin III to his council of Archmages. Lucifer Ravenstorm is better known as the Necromancer King and Torin Augustguard is better known as Torin the Terrible. The Council of Archmages were lead by Torin the Terror during the Necromancer King’s reign and fed into the King’s paranoia leading the Archmages in attacks against noble families, witchhunter orders and church institutions. While Torin was at court he ran vigorous inquisitions and accused many people in the court of being spys and over 100 people were executed during Torin’s tenur as head Archmage. When the Necromancer King was poisoned Torin was given free reign for 3 days and venegfully sought vengeance for the poisoned king killing over 60 people. Torin was slain by his fellow Archmages on the Fourth day and most were spared by the new monarch King Tristafer the Just.

In 1062 the a Awnsheglian known as the Boar of Thuringode emerged. At first the Augustguards sent vassal houses to deal with the threat but has the corpses continued to pile up Chervi the Green decided to confront it. After battling the beast for several hours Chervi’s magic could not pierce the creatures hide and it managed to gore and usurp him. Chervi’s son and nephew were both also slain in battle with the creature. Lucille II Augustguard erected a magic barrier around the Boar’s territory and forbade any blooded scions from fighting the Boar for “easy” usurpation and though her descendants have followed her example this has not stopped the foolish young knights of lesser houses for trying their luck against the beast, only adding to it’s impressive power. In 1074 Lucille II suffered a peasant rebellion, which resulted in the death of her 13 year old son. After the loss of her son Lucille began remorseless killing peasants and ended up aiding in a Witchhunter purge which left the inhabitants of Scarsdag dead. It took 4 years for the peasant rebellions to be brought into check and another 3 before the Mad Duchess was killed in her sleep allowing her cousin to inherit her claim.

In 1139 at the second Great Council Duke Harris Augustguard made an impressive showing at the council bring over 500 retainers however he was outdone by Duke Zachariah Rames who brought nearly 1000. Harris backed the new Starhewen reign and was gifted with a powerful marriage to Jeyne Starhewen the niece of Jocelyn. In 1250 Tresslin the Artificer was named the Duke of Spearpoint. Tresslin even in his early part of his reign showed signs of madness he shunned his wife’s bed and barely slept spending most of his nights laboring in his workshop, eventually abandoning his familial holdings and building a citadel of his own on a isolated isle in the middle of the narrow sea. The trouble truly began when Jorin the Inventor, where the two plotted to take over Arluen and spent much of the vast Augustguard resources creating golems, black powder guns, and a new race of sentient golems known as Warforged. King Andrew Starhewen discovered an inkling of the Wizard’s plan and prepared his men for war but died his final death before he could act, his young son Ronald ascended the Arluenian Throne. While Ronald was getting his royal affairs together, Tresslin and Jorin were readying their legions for war and landed their impressive army on the shores of Warfield. The two split there armies Jorin marched north into Farnox while Tresslin did a forced march south to take the capital. Tresslin smashed the unorganized Ravenstorm forces sending Duke Robin into a full retreat to Blacktree hall. Jorin meanwhile was attempting to hold the impressive Farnox Army back and held several key postions for Tresslin. The Rames Army was only able to get through with some unexpected help arrived from Sir Dalart Augustguard the younger brother of Tresslin who decided to side with the crown over his mad brother. The New Warforged Army suffered it’s first defeat but only after bleeding the Farnox Army. Tresslin meanwhile had fought a bloody battle against the Livingwood Army and the Elven Princedoms outside Jericho and sent both armies back inside the captial. As his Iron Golems began to tear the gates of the city down, King Ronald lead a series of sorties outside the gates slaying the golems and retreating back inside the city before Tresslin’s reserve could reach him. The Young King continued his assault against the Warforged for the next week managing to keep them out of the city. Tresslin meanwhile was preparing a colossal Iron Golem to deal with the King’s Army, but was taken in the rear by the Loyalist forces and was slain by his brother Dalart, who usurped him as well. Tresslin’s warforged were aloud to join the peace of Arluen and many swore themselves into service to Dalart and has followed the “blood of the creator” ever since.
In the Red Birds Rebellion, House Augustguard stayed neutral not wanting to alienate either side though they did allow vassel houses to join either side. Young Tarlan Augustguard married Princess Josie Starhewen in 1306, and had four children by him 2 daughters and 2 sons.

House Augustguard has always relied on their magical prowess to bring them prosperity and usher them through dangerous times, but will there magic be enough to ensure their line continues?

Current Members:
Princess Josie Starhewen Duchess of Spearpoint: After her husband passed away three years prior Josie has assumed the leadership of her husband’s Duchy as her eldest son finishes his schooling.

Duke Thomas Augustuard: The eldest son of Josie Starhewen and Tarlan , a pensive and studious lad he is preparing to finish his last year of apprenticeship with Archmage Corwin. Many expect him to join the Council of Magi when an opening appears. Thomas shares a close relationship with his Aunt Miranda and visits her often. His relationship with his sibilings is less good has he constantly argues with his brother and sisters.

Augustus Augustguard: The younger brother of Thomas Augustus has always been jealous of his brother’s station and was unfortunately not excepted into an Archmage Apprenticeship meaning his skills as a mage aren’t likely to improve. Augustus is engaged to Cassandra Felinor a lesser marriage which he is displeased with as well. Augustus is currently sulking around his Keep in Southern Spearpoint.

Arianne the Lady of Greenlake: Arianne as the third child has opped out of any political marriages, instead prefering to study her books in the tranquil peace of Greenlake. A bit of an oddball Arianne has refused any kind of church teaching and has exiled Father Luwin from her Castle and constantly renounces the faith.

Ordia Braken: Completely the opposite of her sister Ordia is a boisterous loud mouthed girl who enjoys, riding, hunting, and hawking. Ordia is a tom boy at heart and enjoys the company of men over woman, truly the perfect match for her husband Lord Steffon Braken the are truly in love and do everything together, recently Ordia has announced her first pregnancy, and the Braken heir is expected to be born with the month.

Tighmaevril Blades
House Augustguard holds three Tighmaevril blades all aquired by Torin the Red over a thousand years ago, the blades “Small Fang” and “Sky Strike” are both fearsome enough but the deadly “Manadrinker” is perhaps one of twelve legendary Orrin blades an impressive find indeed. Ordia holds “Small Fang” Augustus wields “Sky Strike” and Thomas wield “Manadrinker” though he rarely takes it out in public with him. House Augustguard also maintains and impressive collection of staffs, orbs, wands, rods and scrolls and holds a monopoly on magic items in Spearpoint.

Ordius’s Tower: An impressive sight standing over 900 ft tall this massive tower is surrounded by 3 rings of walls and invaders will have to be wary of murderholes littering throughout the tower.
Southring Fort: A series of 6 smaller fortress placed in strategic places along Spearpoints southern borders these forts are sparse of luxury and are normally manned by the second child of the family, Augustus’s unhappily continues this traditon.
Greenlake Palace: A beautiful summerhome to the family, the palace sits on the edge of the Greenlake and offers little strategic value, and thus retains the bare minium of security measures.

Scions of Vorynn
The Augustguards are of course scions of the former god of magic Vorynn and their bloodline manifest through a thin line of blue energy that surrounds them when they are casting spells, allowing them to cast their spells more powerfully and allowing some to read the thoughts of others which few Augustguards admit to being able to do.

Military Strength
Most of the Augustguard soldiers are pulled from their Feudal House along with thier standing army of 5,000 men. The Combined Feudal strength of Spearpoint is between 40,000 to 80,000. The Augustguards also command a single Legion of Warforged and have been known to field dozens of Irongolems in wartime.

House Augustguard

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