The Arluenian Throne

Into Barrowtown

Arriving back in the city of Barrowtown (home to House Crondalia) Aid with the help of Malcolm managed to escape unnoticed from Darials grasp, fleeing to a nearby Cathedral to meet with Trap and give the Stranger a life so that he may be repaired. Meanwhile Dariel went to speak with his father about recent matters, only to get berated for his recent failures. Aid discovered that the Stranger would not accept the payment of just any soul , he needed a payment worthy of his greatness Aid took this to mean Lord Winsor Crondalia, so she sent Trap to scout out the building to learn where the Lord’s bedchamber was. Trap barely managed to escape Heinrich and gave the information to Aid who attempted to sneak into the manor but was quickly caught by household guards and thrown into prison. In the morning she was brought before Lord Winsor who to both Dariel’s and Aid’s bafflement he spared her and spoke to each in private before sending them off to fight a group of wandering tribesmen.

The Resurrection

Dariel Crondalia met with some strange acquaintances on the road while traveling to rescue Jacob Tangrent, he met the gunslinger Malcolm, the druid Wilax, and the barbarian Drosan (the latter two happen to share a body). Together they entered the blasted ruins of Black Rose Castle, and making their way through the ruins came upon the Death Priestess Aid’s ritual. Helped by her ally the warforged known as Trap, Aid conducted a \ritual to revive “The Black Rose” through any means necessary. Upon completing the ritual, Aid “accidentally” released 4 Awgehshein into the world. A cloud of malevolent gas struck down Dariel’s retainers, a ghostly woman floated silently out into the Wilted Lands, a reptilian man disappeared in a cloud of smoke and a laugh and finally a horned demon emerged from the last Altar. Once all these beasts had departed the final one arose, the dreaded Black Rose, Sir Heinrich Eisenfaust. After a fight with Heinrich was barely avoided the group decided to retrieve Jacob and swiftly exit the Wilted Lands and Dariel put Aid into custody. But the ragtag group ran into one last roadblock, the demon from before had a hold of Jacob Tangrent and after a short amount of ineffectual fighting the demon fled with the boy leaving the group unsatisfied as they headed towards Barrowtown the home of Dariel.

The Raid of Rivertown Part 2

With the Battle winding down. The Rivertown Guards are gathering around Captain Antilles who plans to unite his forces with those of Lazarus Hyde who is surrounded by enemies. Sir Fellwood argues that the Sheriff is the threat and is allowed by Antilles to take a small amount of men to retake the keep, though many viewed it as a suicide mission. Sir Fellwood managed to gain a audience with the Sheriff who he challenged to single combat. The Sheriff declined and sent Meris in as an alternate who quickly dealt with the Witchhunter. Believing him to be dead Eqwar and Simetyle decided to lead their remaining soldiers to aid in the Fight at Farmers Gate. Hyde, Aid and a small group of soldiers managed to hold off the majority of the invaders but all seemed lost upon the arrival of Whitestaff. The Mage began bombarding the towers with Magic and despite Hyde’s best efforts managed to decimate the soldiers in both towers. But all was not lost as Maul,Eqwar and Simetyle arrived with Antilles army and quickly dealt with the remainder of the Orc Horde.

Raid of Rivertown

The Battle lasted well into the night. Seagate and Farmer’s Gate held but the orcs poured through Hero’s Gate. Sheriff Buttle holds Lord Brandon’s manor and no word has been heard from Lord Brandon since. The Savage and Pretty Meris failed to hold the docks and the Savage lost his head at the Battle on Wyvern Bridge. Rivertown forces are holed up at Farmers gate and the docks while the Orcs prepare to descend upon them with a two pronged attack, the fate of Rivertown will soon be decided…

The Sheriff's Betrayal
Cold Winds

Arriving back in Kelter the cold began getting worse. Maul began helping the Farmers in Kelter quickly harvest their crops while Hyde began making preparations to confront the Vicar. Sheriff Buttle arrived in town along with 100 soldiers from Rivertown along with his own rowdy men. The Sheriff prepared his soldiers to sweep the Witchwood of goblins while he would accompany the party to deal with Agatha. Felwood meanwhile confronted Fitzgibbons then with Maul’s help the Vicar about his son Oliver a boy who had been “scarred” by the Night of Wild Magic. After dealing with Agatha the Sheriff invited them to accompany him to Rivertown for a job there. The party arrived and Fellwood bumped into a Tiefling named Aid who he rudely berated annoying both Maul and Simetyle before inviting her to join their mission at the Tower. Speaking with the Whittlelord below the Tower, the party learned of the Sheriff’s true intent, apparently he and his men are planning to sieze Rivertown by force. Maul immediately refused and Simetyle and him were aloud to stay in the Tower by The Whittlelord as long as they promise to not interfere. Hyde Eqwar, Aid and Felwood played along with the Whittlelord’s plan with Fellwood and Aid trying to sneak around and attack the rebels from another side and unfortunately were caught by the Whittlelord’s lieutenants who engaged them. Eqwar and Hyde were now under more scrutiny but as they were surrounded they could not do much when suddenly they heard that the alarm had been raised at the Barracks and the guards were being roused. While the others had been traveling Simetyle and Maul began discussing the fate of the Town and learned from another deserter that the Sheriff planned to let Greyskins into Rivertown and escape on a ship they will pirate in the docks. Maul wanted to thwart their escape plan and steal their wealth by destroying the escape ships because he believed there cause to be lost. Simetlye thought that they needed to rouse the guards and protect the town, rushing up the Tower’s stairs to speak to the mage of the tower Simetlye roused him from his sleep and convinced him to aid Simetyle and the Mage cast Fly on Simetlye allowing him to warn the guards in time. Hyde and Eqwar engaged the Whittlelords men with Aerial support from Simetyle. Maul rushed to the docks and enlarged himself and boarded a Markish Trading galley with the intent of slaughtering the pirates or destroying the ship. Aid and Felwood slew their tails with some difficulty and rushed to help Eqwar and Hyde. While Degan’s men were being overwhelmed, the Whittlelord decided to spitefully kill Eqwar and Hyde and his men began diverting their attention towards the two. As the Whittlelord’s fast blades began cutting away at their armor and he struck a fatal blow against Hyde and crippled Eqwar. Simetlye’s shot drew and finished off the Whittlelord right before Aid and Fellwood arrived, the former stunned the party from revivifying Hyde, now with 30 guards behind them they must decide how best to save the town.

Into the Ziggraut
Dungeons and Dissension

The party delved deep into the bowls of the Ziggurat slew some mummies and explored the rooms for a bit discovering the place to be a ancient Pre-Arluenian temple to a strange deity. After slaying a Banshee the party entered into a Robing room and Hyde realized that the same perfumes that are in the Temple are also worn by the Vicar. Maul discovered that a series of sacrifices must me made to enter into the inner sanctum. James refused to enter into this sacrilegious place and stayed out of it though he did help the others collect the sacrifices and implements. By placing Sliver in the Altar of Homage, by burning the rotted pig carcass in the Altar or Reverence, by breaking a flagon of wine with a mace on the Altar of Decadance and by Stabbing the corpse of a maiden in the Altar of Sacrifice they were allowed to enter the inner sanctum. Maul, Eqwar, Hyde, and Sir Felwood entered into were confronted with a offering of peace from the hag they were hunting in the form of a crown of thorns. Melentia presented them with cryptic clues about their future and something was unlocked within James, Hyde and even little Simetyle. After they had learned some information from the hag Sir Felwood and Hyde went back on their word and prepared for combat against the Melentia, but their efforts were halted by Maul who to a active stance against fighting Melentia since they were now under peace terms, Eqwar tended to agree. After several minutes of arguing Maul took a defensive stance in front of Melentia (much to her delight) while Eqwar merely stood aside refusing to help either side. With the help of Maul and her pet Hydra Felwood and Hyde were beaten into a submission and Melentia left the temple in peace. Now returning to Kelter with a rift between the party they find that Sheriff Buttle has finally arrived.

The Witching Hour

Arriving back in Kelter the party discovered Melentia had descended on the Village in the middle of the night slaying nearly a dozen people and wounding more than 20. Hyde and Sir Felwood spoke with the Vicar and decided to hunt the Hag. Speaking with Leshanna the party believes the Hag to be dwelling inside the Black Fens and begin searching the vast swamp lands. Deep within the Black fens the party entered into a ancient ziggaruat and are beginning to descend into the darkness

The Rift

The party quickly fled from the Hag’s Cabin in the Witchwood and arrived back in town to lick their wounds while gathering information about the Hags. Hyde spoke with Leshanna, before their conversation was interrupted by Sir Fellwood a Witchhunter, who was seeking to buy potions. Sir Fellwood agreed to hunt the Hags with the party but first they had to find the missing Tall John. Hyde stayed behind while Maul, Eqwar and Fellwood found a Rift in the Witchwood that lead to the Feywild. After slaying the guards on both sides of the Rift , the party finally faced the Chimera who had slain John, and closed the Rift barely returning to the Mortal world.

The Cabin
Rift in the Witchwood

Hyde, Maul and James traveled into the Witchwood after discovering tracks leading away from one of the missing girls houses. While searching the woods they were ambushed by goblins one of which wore a red scarf which John recognized that it belonged to one of the missing girls. Deciding that the girls were most likely brought one of the Goblins religious sites the party headed to the nearest totem only to find that a blood trail lead across the path and headed east. Following this the group came across a dying Eladrin warrior named Vethiver. He told the party of a rift that had opened up in the Feywild that lead into the mortal world an warned them of it. After letting Hyde borrow his magic longsword (with the promise of returning it to his brother Dywen) Vethiver died. Shortly after his death the party was beset by Displacer beasts and nearly killed. Upon returning to town and resting up. Hyde left again this time followed by Simetyle, Eqwar, and Xavril hunting for totems. After Xavril’s Hawk died the party found it difficult to travel with him but luckily had no trouble traveling between the three goblin totems following the human tracks found nearby each one quickly dispatching the guards of each. Upon reaching the third totem (in a unnaturally cold part of the forest) they found 3 of the missing girls and a 4th girl named Layla who claimed to be taken from a traveling merchant instead of Kelther. She lead them to a cabin in the woods where the other girls where said to be held. Instead of a trio of innocent young girls they faced the Witchwood Coven Gretchen the Green Melentia the TerrorMelentia and Agatha the Cold. The Hags believed the party served some other Master who ordered them to act against the hags. A fight began after Xavril gave their true intentions away. Hyde, Xavril and Eqwar faced off against Gretchen inside the cabin while Simetyle (and the newly arrived Maul) fought agains Layla who was a werewolf. The party now stands beaten and bloody over the corpses of Layla and Grechen and must face the wrath of the Hags next time in the Arluenian Throne!

The Missing Townsfolk
Going in Circles

New faces arrive at Whetstone keep such as the cheery bard Simetyle and another owner the human traveler James Stanford who carried a similar will. Maul takes a liking to the Bard while James argues with Xavril Davlamir about the ownership of the Keep. The group decided to go to the Town for drinks and discovered that 30 people have mysteriously disappeared from the town. Vicar Carmichael assumed that the Orcs were behind the kidnappings, directing them to speak to “Tall John” at Worg’s Bane Tower who may know more. Leshanna Webb informed Eqwar and Maul about the possibility of Goblin or Bandit involvement. The party met with Lazarus outside of John’s Tower who agreed to help them find the villagers. After following Chimera tracks the party decided their efforts where fruitless and head back to the village were Xavril and John drunk themselves under the table of the Black Stag Inn.


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