Strevandor the Ghostlord

ghostly wizard of the Ordo Hereticus


a ghostly figure of an eladrin male.


Over a millennium ago Strevandor was apart of the Ordo Hereticus an ancient order of evil wizards and corrupted paladins focusing on gathering magic weapons and arcane knowledge for some unknown reasons. The Ordo was destroyed by the Order of the Rose but Strevandor escaped its destruction by fleeing to the Feywild. Strevandor spent much of the next 900 years as apart of the Court of Stars before a argument with the Queen of Spring forced him to leave. For the next hundred years Strevandor travelled the Shadowfell searching for something… before his life was ended prematurely by an ambush by Skullmad the Troll King. So angered by his death Strevandor came screaming back into existence and killed the Troll king and took control over his domain. Now Strevandor sits brooding in his domain trying to return to some semblance of life.

Strevandor the Ghostlord

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