Sethwen Crondalia, the Silvermage

Dariel's younger brother, a divination wizard


Sethwen is not a tall man nor is he burly, he keeps his golden brown hair cut short, and adorns himself in his mage robes at all times.


Born in 1342 alongside his twin sister Anastasia, Sethwen showed at a young age his skill in the Arcane Arts preferring scholarly pursuits instead of the martial training his older brothers offered him. At the age of 9 Sethwen began attending the Mancery in Jericho and stayed there for the next 7 years returning to Barrowtown after failing to find a Archmage, to apprentice directly under. Sethwen still has hopes that an Archmage will accept him as he does posses both a prestigous name and magical talent. Sethwen is close to Augustus Augustguard , and the two right each other constantly, Lord Winsor has been quick to take advantage of there friendship and is trying to arrange a marriage between Sethwen and Arianne though she is not likely to except it.

Sethwen Crondalia, the Silvermage

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