Sir Regis Rohellec Terzieff Highwall


Age: 26
Height: 6’ 8"
Hair: Bald
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: Yellow Cat Eyes

Physical Description: Regis is a very tall and imposing bear of a man. Standing at a full 6’8" and weighing around 300 lbs of pure sculpted muscle, Regis definitely cuts an imposing figure. He shaves his head bald, and is quite careful to ensure that no hair is growing upon it, and does not wear any facial hair (although he does generally possess some black stubble). He has fairly thick black eyebrows.

His face is very stern and imposing, possessing a square jaw and very prominent high cheekbones.

Regis possesses numerous scars on his face and body, the most prominent one being a rather large one on his skull (if you want to know more about it, ask Regis).

On the night of wild magic his eyes were transformed into those of a predator, becoming yellow and the pupil becoming vertically shaped like a panther. And much like a cat’s eyes, they can be faintly seen in the dark.

Normal Attire: Regis generally dresses fairly unusually for a nobleman, and is often found wearing a leather jerkin with no sleeves, and travel pants designed for freedom of movement and durability. During the winter he commonly wears a large cloak made from the pelt of a dire bear that he himself slayed on his own while living in the wilds. Regis also generally carries multiple weapons, with 4 throwing daggers strapped to his left leg, a greatsword on his back, and 2 daggers which are strapped across his belly. He also generally wears a pair of leather fingerless gloves.

Special Event Attire: When Regis dresses as a noble (which is fairly uncommon) he often wears a cobalt blue tunic with silver and white trimming and buttons made of pure silver. Emblazoned on the chest of the tunic is the Highwall family crest. The tunic has short, open sleeves because of the sheer bulk of Regis’s arms. During the winter he will also wears his bear cloak.

Regis does not wear armor.


Sir Regis Rohellec Terzief Highwall, better known as simply Regis Highwall, was the second-born to the highwall family. His mother died after giving birth to Regis and his father blamed him for it. During his early life he was generally hated by his father, and lived a rather rough life as a result of this. Regis and his older brother Tyrion were fairly distant however there was very little animosity between the two, what little animosity between them was as a result of his father’s constant favoritism towards Tyrion and heavy dislike towards Regis. This caused Regis to work harder and harder to attempt to appease his father, working out and started training in combat at the incredibly young age of just 6 years old. He trained continuously and at the age of just 14 years old, he began to serve on the wall. Over a period of about 6 years he served on the wall and was quite known for his ferocity and prowess in battle.

On the year of his 20th birthday a great and powerful orc warband attacked the wall lead by the warchief Bugak Skull-Crusher. During the battle Regis and the warchief dueled and Regis defeated him, routing the warband and securing victory for the Highwall family. He took back the head of the warchief and presented it to his father, but even this did not earn any praise. It was then that Regis decided to go beyond the wall, knowing that he could never earn his fathers praise he decided that it would be better to go forth and make a legend of his name for the people to know him by. He ventured beyond the wall, hunting, foraging, and slaying hundreds if not thousands of orcs on his own, toppling orc warbands and assassinating warchiefs. He was never seen again for a period of 5 years, and some people even thought that he had died out there in the wilderness, but a chance encounter with Tyrion during the battle of the Siege of Executioners in the Pontar Valley reunited him with his brother and they fought long and hard eventually defeating the Executioners Warband. Regis stayed with his brother for a time and together shared tales of each others exploits and prowess. It was after Tyrion’s wedding that Regis returned to the wilds to resume his hunt upon the orcish tribes. He then remained in the wilderness for a period of 2 years, whereupon he receives a missive from his brother Tyrion stating that his father had been murdered along with many of the knights pledged to the service of the Highwall family, and that Tyrion needed his aid. Upon hearing this, Regis began to secretly make his way back to Castle Norhall but could not find his brother there. He then heard of the upcoming tournament in Jericho and thus made his way there hoping that he could find his brother and hoping to test his skills against some more worthy opponents.

Sir Regis Rohellec Terzieff Highwall

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