Princess Josie Starhewn

Eldest Daughter of Thomas Starhewen


A elderly woman well past her prime, Queen Josie prefers a certain level of comfort and control, she currently resides in Jericho ruling her sons Duchy from their while he finishes his Archmage training.


Born in 1291 to King Thomas Starhewen and Nora Brantham, Josie spent much of her early childhood in Vurland under the close eye of her mother. When she was three, Josie and her older brother Ronnel, were taken by their father to be raised in the capital much to the dismay of their mother Nora who died a year later. Josie travelled around the world with her father and two brothers at the conclusion of the Winter Wars in 1297. During the First Red Bird Rebellion, she was fostered for a short time with the Ketteridges and she grew close to her future Stepmother Alice Ketteridge. Queen Alice showed her what it meant to be a woman of the court and her death in 1304 devastating young Josie. In 1305 Tarlan Augustguard began courting Josie and the behest of his father, and the two soon fell in love. The pair married in 1306 earning their allegiance in future Red Bird Rebellions. Josie welcomed Alerie very graciously to the court, and tried to mentor the young queen but a division between the two was created leading to a loud argument upon the birth of her half brother in 1324. Josie conceived her four children very late after a series of still births, with Thomas being born in 1328, Augustus in 1329, Arianne in 1330 and Orida in 1331. In 1350 Ronnel Starhewen asked for assistance from Spearpoint in dealing with a encroaching Orcish Threat, Tarlan Augustguard departed Ordius’s Tower along with a thousand warforged to deal with this threat. Tarlan died while fighting alongside Ronnel in 1351 causing a lasting enmity between the to formally distant siblings. Josie rules in place of her son Thomas, who is preparing to become an Archmage. Josie was overjoyed with the news of her fathers regeneration and has sense spent much time in his company.

Princess Josie Starhewn

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