Prince Theodore the Old

The Eldest son of King Thomas


The Heir to the Throne might once have made a fine King but due to his father’s longevity he has lost his wits, though the King refuses to disinherit him.


Born in 1286, Prince Theodore’s birth was celebrated from Vurland to Nirvan, as King Thomas was no longer the sole male Starwhen, if some mishap befell the King his son would take the crown. Prince Theo was sent to squire with the Church at age 8 and sent to the Mancery at age 12, much to the King’s chagrin he excelled in neither. He wasn’t strong or fast enough to be a proper swordsman and instead of being knighted before he was ready to keep up appearances he opped out of knighthood to focus on his studies. When Prince Theo joined the Mancery many believed that this bright young Prince would become a powerful mage in his own right much like his father and grandfather, sadly the child never really showed any magical talent and no matter how hard he tried he could not muster much more than a magic missile. Were Prince Theodore lacked in physical and magical power he made up for in his excellent financial skills. When he was 23 he was named Chief Diplomat and sent to the Court of the Malorian Emperor. Many in Arluen whispered that the King had sent Prince Theodore to his death in Maloria so he could crown his more Martial son Ronnel has heir. However Prince Theodore prospered in Maloria and became fast friends with the Emperor. In 1314 he married Darella, a Malorian noblewoman with the approval of the Emperor himself which was the first time in known history that a Malorian took an outsider for a husband. A year later he returned to Arluen with his son Radcliffe. Returning to Arluen with a Malorian Legion provided to him by his wife, he aided his father in the Battle of Tarnstead slaughtering an Orcish reserve army in the Howltooth Cliffs. Prince Theodore was instrumental in implementing the Dragon Tax and held peaceful meeting with many of the Great Wyrm’s as well as the Dukes of Arluen and Vurland and convinced both sides to agree to the Peace, and spent much of his later life helping his father arbitrate disputes between them. The Prince welcomed his young Stepmother to the realm much more kindly than his sibilings did and was said to weep with join at the birth of his younger brother Percival as it meant peace between House Ravenstorm and House Starwhen. While Prince Theodore tried to impress his skill with diplomacy onto his son, Radcliffe took more to his mother’s martial teachings. in 1331 tragedy struck as his wife Darella died giving birth to his second son Garlan. Prince Theodore slumped into depression after the death of his wife and left Garlan to be raised by Prince Ronnel. When Radcliffe was 13 he descended into the Jericho catacombs, but was found by King Thomas 8 days later by then the boy had been cursed by some dark magic leaving part of his face rotted and cracked but the boy still lived leading him to get the cruel nickname Halfdead, (which some say was given to him by his young uncle Prince Percival) This seemed to shock Prince Theo out of his depression and he took his sons to live in Starfall with his brother Ronnel. After The Halfdead left Starfall to take command of Gorgonhold and Prince Garlan became Sir Garlan the Good in 1346 Prince Theodore returned to Jericho to help his ailing father rule but his age began to show and he lost his wits before his father did. In 1359 it looked as if King Thomas would pass his crown on to his senile son, but when King Thomas was restored after the Night of Wild Magic it looks like Prince Theodore will for good or ill never were the Starwhen crown.

Prince Theodore the Old

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