Prince Ronnel of Starfall

the king's second son Duke of Torskott


Once a large brutish warrior Prince Ronnel has put on nearly 50 pounds and is not as profiecent as he once is though he still retains his sound tactical mind, he rules Torskott from the Ancestral Starwhen home of Starfall


Born in 1289 to Nora Brantham and King Thomas Starwhen Ronnel’s early childhood was spent with his mother who was newly divorced from King Thomas. He was returned to the King in 1294 at the express command of his majesty and began his martial studies around the time his older brother did. While Prince Theodore lacked martial and magical skill Ronnel excelled in both much to the delight of the Church and the Mancery, however as many young Prince’s are likely to do Prince Ronnel abandoned his magical studies when he was knighted in 1303 at the age of 14. While his brother spent his time aboard and his younger sister was married off, Ronnel was winning tournements and being draped in honors. In 1302 he quickly ended the Second Red Bird Rebellion as he unmasked the mystery knight Lynonel Ravenstorm and discovered his that the Tournement at Raventree Hall was merely a excuse to gather support for the new “King” Lynonel, Ronnel thwarted their plan and imprison Lynonel and the other conspirators. Ronnel fought beside his father in the Dragon Wars and was given Starfall for his bravery in the Battle of Tarnstead a reward suggested by his older brother Theodore, which brought the two brothers closer. In 1325 he married Eleanor Rosserford to garner Spearpoint support against House Ravenstorm in the 4th Redbird Rebellion. Prince Ronnel witnessed the Betrayal at Gunthsard, were 5,000 Ravenstorm forces turncloaked against the Pretender King Robin II and slaughtered the Red Birds. Prince Ronnel was against pardoning House Ravenstorm for he witnessed them betray the man they called their King, this lead to a massive argument with his father and his brother leading him to spend the next 10 years in self imposed exile. Sir Ronnel had two twin daughters Nora and Alice, a son named Norbert and raised his nephew Garlan when his brother Theodore was unable to eventually knighting him himself upon the boys request.

Prince Ronnel of Starfall

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