Prince Percival Starhewen Lord of Uderkaut

The Youngest Son of Thomas Starhewen


Youngest son of Thomas Starhewen, Perival is haughty and proud of his lineage, Percival does not get along well with his older siblings but has a controlling grasp over his younger sister Miranda.


Born in 1324 to Alerie Ravenstorm and Thomas Starhewen, Percival is a living peace treaty between House Ravenstorm and Starhewen conceived with the hopes of a lasting peace. Percival grew up under the watchful eye of his mother and was discovered to have mild magical talents more so than any of his older siblings. Percival grew up in close proximity to his cousin Radcliffe and many thought the two boys would become close friends. However the boys became rivals and butted heads constantly and were seen as constant adversaries at court. After Radcliffe’s accident in the Catacombs, his body was half decayed and Percival coined the insulting nickname “The Halfdead”, much to Percival’s delight the name stuck and Prince Theodore spirited the boy away from Jericho, and Torskott. Percival spent the rest of his young adult life in court alongside his mother until he was dismissed for unknown reasons in 1338. Shortly afterwards he married Melody Everbrook, and received the Fortress of Uderkaut as a gift from his father. The pair had two children Kjorn in 1338 and Lucille in 1339. Upon his brother’s growing dementia and his father’s declining health, Percival returned to Jericho and aided his mother in ruling the realm. Shortly after his father’s regenration Percival returned to Uderkaut, but is returning for the Grand Tourney alongside his mother and eldest son.

Prince Percival Starhewen Lord of Uderkaut

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