Lyursigul "Skullface"

Ancient Black Dragon


The Rangers may call her “Black Beauty” but there is nothing beautiful about this terrifying creature, her goblin minion’s nickname maybe more apdat as they name her Skullface the Dread Mate of Azrai. Lyursigul , formally a close ally of the Gorgon, Lyursigul now opposes his son Maelys over a century long feud between the two, that has divide the already diminished Shadowcrown in half.


Formally a servant of the Gorgon who occasionally served as his mount, Lyursigul now rules over half the Shadowcrown and the Gorgon’s Goblin and Hobgoblin forces who paint her visage on there shields. Skullface begrudgingly excepts the Dragon Tax and the Halfdead has managed to turn her considerably fury towards Maelys and away from Gorgonhold. However nonexpect her to stay “peaceful” for long.

Lyursigul "Skullface"

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