Liza "Aid" Umbra

The Madam of Crows


At 5’ 8” feet tall, Aid appears almost human without the large, pale-red toned horns sprouting from her skull, the left one missing. Long, white hair was often braided into a crown – now cut short for easier management in harsh conditions, complementing her unnaturally grey-pink skin. Black eyes that, if she still had her crimson skin, lead on to an underlying demonic nature.


Liza had a rather unusual upbringing. When she was found in the forest outside of Greyridge, a small red teifling with only a music box, her parents instantly took her in and raised her as one of their own. She worked well in the small apothecary her parents own, often being sent out to gather the ingredients for the concoctions. Her older brother Jameson quickly grew tired of that life and went to the nearby church for studies. When she got sick at 12, she learned that the church was not to the maker as she had been told since she was young, but to the Stranger. That was when she first found her ability to hear the stranger. Her body was forever changed by the sickness, leaving her a pale pink color and leaving her permanently weakened Once she got well enough to be able to survive on her own (mostly) she joined the church. She progressed quickly in the training, and her brother who had been in there for 8 years now did not appreciate her advancements. He was placed in charge of her, teaching her the simplest of things before running off to become an adventurer. She then worked on her own, furthering medical training she got at her parents apothecary and discovering more and more about the mysterious god. Once she was old enough, she left the church in search of others, starting a pilgrimage northward. She came across a party of adventures a couple of years later. As they were sick and dying she tried to help them to the best of her abilities but was unable to save many of them. That was when she made her first true kill, and that’s when she was first contacted directly. She was told to travel around, in search of others like her and teach her the ways, and to perform her duties as a priestess. About 3 years later she joined the traveling party that started her adventures that we know today.
After traveling with Felwood, Maul, and Content Not Found: lazaras-hyde, Aid continued her old duties with Trap the warforged that they had found before disbanding. During the travels, she was performing her duties when she was contacted by The Stranger and was told to revive The Black Rose. Doing research on him and how to perform this with the minor powers she had, she eventually found herself within the Black Rose Castle.

Liza "Aid" Umbra

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