Lord Lantros Ravenstorm IV

Heir to House Ravenstorm, Winner of the King's Tourney, Dragonslayer


Lantros stands approximately 6’2" weighing 260 lbs and extremely muscular. He has broad shoulders, a chiseled jaw and the trademark green eyes of the Ravenstorm house. However, what would normally be black hair has a streak of silver running through it. His armor seems to be a mixture of field plate and mages robes with a book and scrolls hanging around his belt and arcane runes across the trim. His weapon is a long glaive with craftsmanship that is almost too perfect, a mismatched blood red shard jutting out of its reverse end. The aura of power around him is nearly palpable.

Born as the last child and only son of his father, Kaidan, Sir Lantros Ravenstorm IV was pampered and coddled as small child and was always told he would rule House Ravenstorm. This however led to much envy among other boys as Lantros was stronger, faster, and generally better looking than they. However, it was his kind demeanor and natural talent with pole arms that formed the friendship between Lantros and Andrew. The two became best friends as well as bitter rivals as they fought head to head to surpass one another. Once Lantros had become a knight of the realm his father instructed him to travel to a village that was suffering from bandit attacks and aid them in whatever way he saw fit in order to gain the respect of the people. However, during the ride his convoy was ambushed and his guard slaughtered. Lantros fought hard, harder than he ever had but there were just far too many and they were far more skilled than ordinary bandits. Then, Lantros’s suspicions were confirmed as once he was nearly dead a new figure approached with a blade that gleamed the blood red sheen of Tighmaevril. The figure aimed the blade for Lantros’s heart. Thrust. “NO!” Lantros shouted, and a disk of force appeared in front of him, shattering the blade. Next, a magical pulse shot out from Lantros, knocking all of the would-be assassins away. The strange dark figure ordered a withdrawal, leaving Lantros exhausted, confused, and scared. He continued his journey to the village, surviving by honing his newfound magical power on wildlife. Once he arrived he gave a speech explaining what happened and how he does not believe these bandits will be an issue to this village again for a long while. He then stayed with the villagers while a messenger went out to Raventree Hall, offering work with the various crafts he knew to help pay for his stay for the next couple of weeks. Upon his return to Raventree Hall, Kaidan and his wife and Lantros’s mother Melissa began to impose extra rules on Lantros in order to protect his safety which Lantros opposed but his father was adamant in this. In the coming years a blue dragon by the name of Araugauthos fought against the dragon tax, calling all who went along with it weak and subservient to humans and attracted a following of like minded dragons, and killing those that opposed him. Lantros saw this as an opportunity to prove to his parents that he was capable of defending himself and was strong enough to not be holed up in Raventree Hall with extra guards. His father, after some arguing agreed if Lantros would go with a group of elite guard to defeat this Dragon. Of these elite guards one was his best friend Andrew whom Lantros had barely seen over the past few years. After some niceties they set out on their quest to defeat Araugauthos. They tracked the dragon to a village it was bust decimating. And after a battle. were completely slaughtered. Only Lantros and Andrew survived but, Andrew was badly injured and his right arm was completely gone, removed by the dragons breath weapon and cauterized by the same electricity. And, after giving Andrew the last of his potions set out to hunt the Dragon himself. Lantros was too slow, whenever he would come upon the next locale of attack, it was already destroyed and Araugauthos was already gone. At the 5th such village he found a young woman weeping over the corpse of a silver dragon. On approach Lantros saw the girl was a half- dragon. She turned with raw fury in her eyes and unleashed her breath weapon on Lantros. Her expression then instantly changed to shock and sorrow as she ran up to him and apologized and explained with an extremely quick voice that she thought he was Araugauthos. She then further explained that he had attacked this village and her father Mithbarakaz, died trying to defend this village from Araugauthos and his minions, Her gaze then switched to a mix between revenge, glee, and further sadness and said, slowly that before he died Mithbarakaz dealt and grievous wound to Araugauthos and he would likely be returning to his lair to lick this wound, and that she knew where that was. Lantros only asked one thing to this woman, “What’s your name?” To which she simply responded, “Ava.”

Upon reaching the Ava told Lantros to wait for the roar to charge into Araugauthos’s lair. and she proceeded to to take flight up and around the mountain. After about 5 minutes Lantros heard an extreme roar of pain and charged in. The scene he walked into was impressive to say the least. He saw Ava repeatedly dashing up and down, tearing the dragon’s wings to ribbons as he was trying to claw at her but couldn’t seem to catch her. Lantros charged in with a fierce cry and unleashed a torrent of fire at the dragon which seemed to catch it off guard. Ava looked surprised as well and didn’t seem to catch the tail coming directly for her. It clipped her legs and sent her tumbling into the ground which seemed to please Araugauthos. “Foolish weaklings, you will pay with your lives for what you have done to me.” he said as the electricity unleashed from his maw in a torrent of death. Lantros jumped behind a rock taking only a small portion of it. Araugauthos then approach the still grounded Ava and began to bear down upon her. Lantros quickly rushed up to the dragon and after blocking his tail with a force shield leaped onto Araugauthos bringing his glaive into the dragon’s back and forcing out a great roar. He then leaned over Ava and opened his maw to unleash his breath weapon once again. But, Ava was prepared she met his breath with hers and the two breath weapons bounded against each other and out every direction in a storm of ice and electricity. At the same time Araugauthos knocked Lantros off of him and swiped his tail back at Lantros which he could not block and got knocked directly under the dragon. Araugauthos laughed through his breath weapon and began to wrap his maw around Ava and slamming his body on top of Lantros. But, Lantros, seizing his glaive plunged it into the dragon’s heart. At that point the laughing stopped and another great roar as his breath faltered and Ava’s overtook him. Then. wings cut to ribbons , a great claw wound from Mithbarakaz, ice engulfing his head, and a glaive in his heart, Araugauthos fell. The power of his blood then began to flow into Lantros increasing his as Ava cocked her head. Lantros, confused, explained how he knew blood to work and how she, as a half-dragon, had it too. He also explained hers was probably fairly powerful since she was Mithbarakaz’s only child.

As the emerged from Araugauthos’s lair horde in tow, Lantros began to think of a proper reward for Ava for her great assistance . He had an idea but would have to run it by his father before he could. Lantros then asked Ava to join him on the trip back to Raventree Hall, to which she eagerly accepted, asking what that was. Lantros then gladly explained to her the history of Raventree Hall and by extension House Ravenstorm. Which through her constant questions lead to him explaining most of Arleun’s noble history. Once they returned they were greeted as heroes his father bestowed the title Dragonslayer onto Lantros. Kaidan then asked who the young half-dragon standing next to Lantros was and why she did not bow. She stood awkwardly and after 20 seconds that seemed like an eternity, Lantros said her name was Ava, that her father was Mithbaraz had been slain by Araugauthos and his group and that without her help he wouldn’t have been able to defeat Araugauthos, and finally, in front of the entire assembly asked his father if as a reward he would be willing to allow them to marry. Ava froze at this and stared intently at Kaidan. After much thought Kaidan agreed saying Mithbarakaz had many allies and that if Ava’s grandfather Dargentum agreed that her and Lantros would marry and she would be inducted into House Ravenstorm. Ava then leaped for joy and said she would return within 3 days and took flight out of the window. Andrew then stepped forward, bowed before Kaidan and shook Lantros’s hand in congratulations and requested that he may leave to find his way due to his arm. To which Kaidan agreed. After only 2 and a half days Ava returned with a truly colossal silver dragon, who after all, including Kaidan bowed before, said in a deep, rumbling voice, that he agreed to this marriage and touched Lantros’s forehead with one massive talon sending shivers down his spine and creating a streak of glimmering silver in his hair. “My blessing.” Dargentum stated. and then took flight back to his lair. Within the month the wedding commenced between Ava and Lantros and they were together. Andrew made it to the wedding bringing with him a massive warforged, Maul. Andrew then explained that this warforged offered to build him a new arm and was wondering if Kaidan would allow Maul employment with House Ravenstorm and would fund his research. Kaidan only asked Maul if he would supply some of the Ravenstorms with some of his inventions to which Maul agreed seemingly coldly. Once the king had announced the tournament Lantros, accompanied by a pregnant Ava, now in a flowing gown, asked his father if he could represent House Ravenstorm in the tournament of the kings. To which Kaidan agreed and stated that Maul would go with him to Jericho has he had requested earlier to go to pick up supplies and visit the capital to witness, as he stated, strange human traditions.

Lord Lantros Ravenstorm IV

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