Lady Justinia Helough

the ruler of the Silent Watch


a beautiful elven maiden who was widowed thirty years ago when her husband was slain after a bandit raid.


Justina is a elven leader of a very small county of humans nestled among the Mountains of the Silent Watch. She is a just leader who protects her people like a mother lioness does her cubs. She commonly visits the few hamlets in her domain so the people can talk to her and express their complaints and commendations. She truly listens to their ideas for a better country, though she is always careful before acting on any of them.

Justina is a handsome elven woman.She is widowed, her human husband having died nearly 30 years ago, and she has three children who are grown and living with their spouses deep in her domain or in Iyaarlaan Her half-elven children live under aliases, not letting anyone know who they truly are (though they have ways of proving their legitimacy and status as Justina’s heirs, should the need arise).

Justina maintains the best trained army within Crondalia lands and has been a important noble allies for centuries.

Lady Justinia Helough

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