King Thomas Starhewn

the 95 year old ruler of Arluen recently restored to his youth


Before the Night of Wild Magic King Thomas was a old done man, a 95 year old senile husk of a King who had lost all his former wits and grace to the ravages of time known as the “Manticore” in his youth King Thomas has seemingly been given back his youth but retained all his wisdom and experience. The now Young King is full of new ambitions and seeks to finish the things he couldn’t in his first 95 years.


Born in 1265 during the troubled reign of his father, historians can easily divide King Thomas’s life into 5 wars and three marriages as he attempted to maintain the fragile peace his father worked so hard to achieve. Trained in the ways of the Holy Warrior and in Eldritch Wizardry, Thomas excelled in both and was knighted at 15 and received his first staff at 17.

When Thomas was 14 his father King Ronald (or the Gorgon King) decided to retake Iyaarlaan from the Berserker tribes who won the land from Arluen nearly 300 years ago. While his father was ending the war at the Battle of Red Skies, Thomas was with the Imperial navy fighting alongside his Uncle against the meager sea force of the Tribes. The Battle of Darktides was a slaughter in favor of the Arluenian Navy, unfortunately the Royal Flagship Seastar was beached. Lewis Starhewn was slain but Thomas survived with the help of Archmage Castor the Blue

King Ronald was slain whilst fighting against the dragon Icefyre having the young Thomas being crowned at the young age of 18. Thomas had married Nora Brantham prior to his crowning and after his third child was born he divorced her in favor of Alice Ketteridge who died a year later after giving birth to a stillborn. While he was still grieving the Winter Wars ingnited and Thomas quickly rushed north to stem this Orcish tide with the help of the Dwarven Thanes. When the might of Arluen proved to not be enough Thomas put out a call to arms to his Vurlish vassels who managed to arrive just in time and end the bloody six years of war.

After the Winter War, Thomas began growing close to the Vurlish nobility and began spending more and more time in there company even going so far as to spend 3 years in Vurland with his young children and in his absence began the seeds of rebellion. Duke Robin Ravenstorm began plotting with other disgruntled nobles who viewed Thomas’s friendship with the Vurlish nobility to be insulting and people began whispering that a Ravenstorm should rule not a Starhewen. In 1282 the conspiartors made a pack at Blacktree Hall and swore oaths to there new king. Key Conspirators were King Robin, Duke Argile Livingwood, Joseph Brantham, and Winifred Gestardt. King Robin marched south swiftly towards Jericho smashing the measly Bracken host, while Gestardt incited rebellion in Spearpoint and Farnox and managed a stunning victory against House Rames winning a 3 to 1 fight. Joesph Brantham seized Starfall with the help of his sister the former Queen Nora, and managed to keep Starhewen forces from interfering in the siege of Jericho as they tried to oust his army from southern strategic points. Argile and Robin besieged Jericho for nearly two years but where unsucsessful in siezing the city, if they had the war would have been over. Instead Thomas Starhewen rallied the Dukes of Vurland and his Malorian Allies, taking the rebel forces from the rear and scattering there forces. Robin now seperated from half his army raced south with Argile to seek refuge in Tallheart, Loyalist forces intercepted them Brynden Livingwood, who personally slew his traitorous cousin and captured Robin at the Battle of Brighthill holding him for the king’s pleasure. The Ravenstorms, Branthams and Gestardts all lost lands and were forced into exile, though this was not the last Arluen would see of the Red Birds.

A decade of relative peace followed only broken by fighting with Barbarians, Drowned Men, and Dragons. Two short Red Bird Rebellions were attempted but both were stopped early before becoming a major threat to the crown.

The Fourth Red Bird’s Rebellion was a short war based on a swift rush to the capital, instead of taking the city half the Ravenstorm forces defected under Leopold Ravenstorm, who betrayed his brother in exchange for the Duchy of Warfield and a powerful marriage for his sister Alerie. Thomas himself married the young woman (nearly 43 years his junior) and had to children by her Percivla in 1324 and Miranda in 1338.

King Thomas had finally earned himself peace for his golden years but that peace had come at a cost. The royal children began plotting against one another and drawing the other noble houses into there feud, barbarians in both Iyaarlaan and in the north are sharpening there blades, the dragons are demanding more and more money testing the limits of the dragon tax, and Awgleshein are appearing in greater number. But now instead of dealing with the senile Prince Theodore the enemies of Arluen would have to deal with a restored King Thomas given his youth by the Night of Wild Magic.

King Thomas Starhewn

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