Dariel Crondalia



Handsome, young, and valiant knight in purple and silver known to many as the Purple Knight.


Dariel was the second son born to the Crondalia family; he was blessed at birth with an incredible aptitude for healing. He was smaller and weaker than the other children, being bullied by the other noble children and always protected by his older brother. Growing up he had a hard life full of rigorous study and arduous training in martial combat. When not being a puny runt, he would always take great interest in the lore of the world-studying myth and legend, heroes and villains. Roundabouts the age of 12 he suffered an spurt of the growingest variety: his body became taller, broader, thicker, harder; his mind became sharper, smoother, more rigid, than most every other noble child he dueled with his mighty blade. The day after his 15th birthday, his brother left on a pilgrimage. Envious and bitter he could not join him in the grand adventures, he waited in patience to hear the stories of all the wondrous sights that his brother saw with his very, very, present eyes when his brother returned.

When he reached the age of a true man, 18, he did what a real man would do: he went to war. Soon enough, his battalion was called to a vital battle. In the midst of this brutal combat, the battalion’s general was viscously impaled. The men were shaken, their morale broken. Amongst this dark chaos, Dariel stood as a shining beacon of hope; he rose to arms and rallied the remaining troops to victory. When he returned he was knighted and resumed his studies, focusing on diplomacy. During that time he had found he had a silver tongue and took comfort in the arms of many a woman- and at times even partaking in more… exotic pleasures of the flesh. One night he was embracing a priestess of the god of lust and was bewitched by her soft, luxurious, magics. Unable to control what he was doing, he lured the tender youth, Kira Fuldor, daughter of his family’s guest, Lord Fuldor, to his chambers. Then, with his warped, addled mind pushing him into actions beyond what he knew was wrong, he killed her after a session of sex. In his tempest of dreams following his bouts of sex and murder, he was approached by a man in tar black armor. Tormented and confused, Dariel was shown the haunted past of this mysterious stranger and told: “Behold what I have wrought! Do not let yourself stray down the dark road I have taken- you have a greater destiny yet!” Shaken, he stirred from his slumber. He quickly set about hiding the evidence, burning the body of his innocent victim in secrecy and forging a note of her running away in night. He hid this note in her room and washed his sheets for the first time in months. Lord Fuldor still searches desperately for his missing daughter to this day, burning through his formidable treasury to hire investigators and clairvoyant mages to track down his beloved daughter. Dariel soon covered his tracks by pledging himself to the Creator and becoming a powerful paladin, seeking vengeance against those who would hurt innocent lives as penance for his sins. While he had escaped his just fate of execution, he could not escape his nature and still partakes in many a lustful embrace, reveling in his freedom and debauchery, all while looking for his higher calling he was told of in his dream.

Dariel Crondalia

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