Círdan Undómiel


Age: ~1500 years old (possibly older)
Hair Color: Platinum-White
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color: Translucent-White (Albino)
Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 140 lbs.

Physical Description:

Círdan is an Eladrin and quite old as well, however, like most of his race he does not show it, in fact he actually looks fairly young even by Eladrin standards. His hair is long and the possess a vibrant platinum-white color that shines in the light.

Círdan is also an albino, possessing red eyes and nearly translucent-white skin.

Círdan generally wears dark navy-blue robes made of exquisite silk over a suit of very exquisite elven full plate armor. The armor itself is made out of mithral plates that are expertly woven together to make a suit that is both very thin and light, but also very strong and sturdy.

Círdan is ambidextrous but prefers to wield his staff in his left hand (unlike in his portrait), and also generally carries a shield in his right hand. His staff is made of a solid dark iron alloy and at its apex it holds a small crystal sphere of blue sapphire, while his shield is made of ironwood interlaced with steel.

Círdan’s family crest is a painting of an owl taking flight (I plan on coloring this at some point):



Born in a time nearly forgotten, Círdan is extremely old.

Ask me for more details in person. More information will be placed on here after I can ask Michael some questions.

Círdan Undómiel

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