Arkynaster the Red God

An Ancient Red Dragon


Unbelievably large and ancient Arkynaster’s power rivals that of Ankolaghon the ancient black dragon of old, Arkynaster is so ancient that none living has seen him save for the king’s emissaries. It is said that Arkynaster moves so little that he is caked in dust though his hoard is immaculate due to his Kobold minions dillegence.


The Eldest dragon in Arluen Arkynaster is the sole surviving elder dragon from yore after the death of Ankolaghan, his massive lair in Riddle Peaks is filled with flying kobolds who surronded the dragon. His lair in riddle peaks has the largest convergance of Kobolds in all of Caravane though the dragon pays them little attetion.

Arkynaster the Red God

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