Archmage Millicent Ravenstorm

Archmage of Abjuration


A beautiful woman in her prime (age 31), Millicent has the telltale green ravenstorm eyes and black hair, and is always seen with her hair up in a bun. Her robe is modest despite her means and she wields the Staff of Protection.

As a Ravenstorm she has the blood of Andurias


Millicent is the second eldest daughter of the Ravenstorm family who spent much of her early childhood in deep study at the Mancery. She graduated at 18 and served her Brother in Law Lord Ironbrand as his court wizard for 8 years before returning to the capital for further studies and she spent the next 3 years teaching and studying herself. When Castor the Blue suddenly died Queen Alerie was quick to appoint Millicent leading some to believe her name earned her position, however the last 2 years she has done her job admirably and gets along well with the other Archmages.

Millicent is unmarried and seems disinterested in men in general.

Archmage Millicent Ravenstorm

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