Archmage Elliot Lynch

Archmage of Conjuration


A young blonde youth of 22 Elliot wears the flowing green robes befitting of a conjuration wizard and wields the Staff of Summoning.


Elliot was born in Sistermourne to a middling noble house who holds the blood of Brenna. Elliot is very affable and entered into his studies at a young age and who proved exceedingly talented at magic in fact some of his professors believed him to be a sorcerer or warlock in disguise. Graduating two years early at the age of 16 Elliot was accepted into Diath Pontren’s apprenticeship and Elliot was groomed for becoming an Archmage. Diath sadly was turned into a Jackalope following the Night of Wild Magic causing Elliot to be devoid a master. Corwin Stome took Elliot on as an apprentice shortly afterwards and a month later he was appointed as the youngest member ever to sit on the Council (After current member Alicia Thistledown)

Archmage Elliot Lynch

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