Archmage Corwin Strome

Archmage of Evocation


A 121 year old one armed wizard a specialist of evocation magic, a diehard Starhewen loyalist. Corwin wears tattered red robes in honor of his school, and wields the Warstaff.

Corwin has the blood of Andurias


Born in 1239 during the the reign of Unthar Starhewen. The Strome family is a family of some renown in Farnox and a young Corwin was pressed into the Clergy. Disliking the workings of the faith Corwin deserted and was apprehended by Archmage Bothowen Yox, who decided to spare the young runaway and Corwin began his training as a wizard. His time in the academy was long and frustrating Corwin showed little talent but proved very studious when he graduated he was merely designated as a Battle Wizard, and was provided now further training. However Corwin proved himself a able Warmage and earned much renown, however his temperamental nature prevented him from still being given additional training. Corwin fought beside Ronald Starhewen in his battles against the Gorgon and during the final battle against the him Corwin lost his arm to prevent King Roland from being usurped, and was present when the Gorgon died.

Corwin was greatly rewarded and became the Archmage of Evocation a year later in 1282 at the ripe young age of 43. Corwin was not present during Icefyre and Ezenglaur’s surprise attack on the King, and could not save Roland in time.

During the reign of the King Thomas Corwin was an unstoppable forces sent to wreak havoc on the King’s Enemies. In the Winter Wars he rained fire down upon Clan Brostkeul. In the various Red Bird rebellions he was a frontline mage and single handedly defeated the “False Council” (A faux Council of Archmages loyal to the Red Birds) and was integral in the defense of Jericho in the 4th and final Red Bird Rebellion.

His nature and experience in the Rebellions (along with the meddlings of Alerie and Percival) has caused him to have an inherent distrust of Ravenstorms.

Recently he was the target of an assassination attempt and after attempting to arrest Lantros has disappeared

Archmage Corwin Strome

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