Archmage Alicia Thistledown

Archmage of Transmutation


The tall blonde Archmage of Transmutation, Alicia wears the orange Archmage robes as befitting her position, she wields the Staff of Change. She has the blood of Voryn.


Alicia Thistledown (born Alicia Rylieh) grew up in the war torn region of Gorgonhold, when she was 16 she married Lord Christoph Thistledown a man ten years her senior. Despite this being his third marriage the two had a true love which delighted the Rylieh as she was marrying up in status. After being married Alicia discovered a natural knack for magic and learned the basics from her husband, after 3 years of self training she applied for Archmage apprenticeship and was accepted. When she was 25 she finally was brought onto the Council at the time this made her the youngest Archmage ever appointed.

Her Husband Christoph leads the Order of the Arcane (a order of eldritch knights) in service to Duke Radcliffe.

Archmage Alicia Thistledown

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