The Arluenian Throne

The Land of the Banshegh

The party spent much of the day preparing for the nightly curfew in the hopes of a confrontation with the Banshegh. Dariel and Heinrich’s attempts to speak with Lady Justina were rebuffed, Drosan managed to find the secret temple of the old gods and spoke to the Priest there about the creature known as Apocalypse and discovered that magically sealing the creature is the only way to permanently get rid of it. Come nightfall the party fought the Banshegh in the city streets chasing it down as it devoured the dreams of people as it went house to house. After a prolonged fight with the creature they were hit by a fireball by and unseen enity and Dariel fell prey to a Sleep spell allowing the Banshegh to escape. The next day Dariel again tried to confront Lady Justina by her guards Derf and Trebor and began to suspect the wizard Gaatius to be the attacker. After Dariel intimidated the wizard into allowing him a warrant to hunt the creature Dariel returned to his rooms only to be disintegrated shortly before the curfew. Heinrich and Aid discovered his fate and met up with the mysterious Shade who had arrived to late to help his brother. Together the trio failed to defeat the Banshegh for the third time with the creature leaving them to bleed out in the dark of the night.



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