The Arluenian Throne

Jericho, the Western Wonder

The Flight of Malcom Graves

Our heroes stood outside the burning ruins of the Orphanage watching the flames, until suddenly Heinrich pulled his blade on Malcolm. Jadus knocked Aid unconscious and flew away with Malcolm easily outpacing the slow Paladin. Disappointed Heinrich, Aid and Trap departed for Jericho. Once inside the massive city Trap and Heinrich entered into the Tourney meeting Josie Starhewen in the process. Outside the Court they met Tirion Highwall a disposed noblemen looking for justice for his family. With him the party found a room in a nice tavern. Meanwhile Lantros Ravenstorm IV was attending mass in St. Augustine’s Cathedral, when suddenly the entire room erupted in flames and Lantros was knocked unconscious. Hearing the ruckus the party accompanied by Tirion entered into the Cathedral, roused Lantros, and fought against the Salamanders and Efreet that were assaulting the Cathedral rescuing the Archmage.



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