The Arluenian Throne

Into Shadow

Fleeing from Silent Watch in the dead of the night the party was attacked by a group of bounty hunters who were chasing Malcolm. This group was led by Pretty Meris and Father O’Donovan former members of the Sheriff Buttle’s men. Meris was slain by Drosan after a prolonged fight prompting a message from the Stranger. Father O’Donovan was discovered to also worship the Stranger and Aid vouched for him leading him to temporarily join the party. The day after the fight a Crow approached Aid and after she fed it, the crow began to follow her. Returning to Barrowtown to discover the Crondalia forces at half strength. Winsor banished the party blaming them for the death of his son. While Aid waited outside the Barrowtown the crow led her through the woods to a abandoned tribesmen village inside of which was an open grave which had a strange shadow. Realizing that the Grave was of some importance Aid gathered the rest of the party and returned at midnight and upon entering the grave the group was transported to the Shadowfell after traveling through the woods for a bit they were apprehended by a group of Revenants lead by a man named Sir Garner who led them to his leader the Ghostlord Strevandor of the Ordo Hereticus.



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