The Arluenian Throne

Battle with the Banshegh

The Explosion at the Inn

Graves was getting tired of these repeated dealings with the Banshegh and now decided to deal with the creature in the only way he knew how, by blowing it up. Malcolm returned to the shop of Briel Threefingers and purchased more black powder much to the chagrin of her apprentices. Drosan directed Aid to the secret temple while he tried unsuccessfully to find work.. Aid spoke with the Priest but was unable to gleam any useful information. That night Malcolm set up a trap, Drosan was placed sleeping in a bed within the common room of the tavern right next to a pair of powder kegs with a trail of black powder leading safely to Malcolm nearly 25ft back. Somehow Drosan thought this was a good idea. When the black tendrils arrived the Aid had to sever the connection and ran into the blast zone but failed to realize she didn’t have a dagger and tried to cut the tendrils with her warhammer instead beaning the sleeping Wilax in the stomach. At this point Graves shot through the Tendrils himself and set off the explosion which barely hurt Aid and the Banshegh but did managed to collaspe the Inn on top of them. Now the battle contiuned in the ruins of the inn and came very close to a deadly loss but in the end Malcom shoved both his barrels in the spirits faith and usurped her bloodline. How will the rest of the party react? More importantly how will the reclusive townsfolk?



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