The Arluenian Throne

Apocalypse Now part 1

The Party travelled out into the Crondalia lands to track down a group of Tribesmen, upon entering the first village they discovered the entire population dead but not by barbarian hands. All subsequent villages were similarly empty until they caught up to the tribesmen and managed to ambush them, and after slaying a few came to realize that they were truly not the culprits and Heinrich encouraged them to stand down. After a tense moment between Aid and Dariel and sentient plague wind washed over the group striking down the Barbarians and injuring the party. The heroes debated whether or not they should follow the creature but in the end they returned unable to defeat the monster. Returning to town the party learns that Lord Winsor is calling the banners as the Tangrent army marches northward into there land. Dariel is sent to rally Lady Justina’s highly trained forces while his Brother and Mother gatherer allies from the west and east respectively. After speaking to Justina they were informed of the nightly curfew. During the night most of the party was infected with terrible dreams and the visage of a wailing woman, Drosan managed to force the creature out of Wilax’s head, while Trap managed to do the same to Malcolm. Heinrich, Aid and Dariel all suffered from the full effects and now the party determine what is happening in the Mountains of Silent Watch.



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