The Arluenian Throne

A Journey to Gulltown

Finally escaping the Shadowfell the party earned themselves a short reprieve and took it easy for a few weeks. During this time Doctor Avelino (a Priest of the Stranger) sent envoys to the Temple of Shadows seeking to bring Aid to Gulltown. Heinrich was similarly propositioned by Sethwen Crondalia and the heroes first learned of the King’s Tourney. Traveling to Gulltown to hire a ship they discover that the one they were supposed to board was burned and the only available one is owned by Marcus Gallowmere III. This pious individual would provide passage to the party in exchange for them destroying a local cult. Aid learns that Avelino is being framed as a cult leader and is additionally incentivised to destroy the Cult. Eventually the party learns of the strange brothel known as the House of Silence within all the working girls are discovered to be Wights with “Slim” Williams the proprietor a necromancer, he however insists that his “girls” are not behind the attacks but instead the Cult is based with The Cleaves Home for Wayward Youths and Foundlings. After investigating the place the party launches an assault against it and as the building burned around them they fought Charnel Children demonic children devouted to a dark god. Heinrich was slain by Lucinda Penbrook (a particularly nasty child) causing the fearsome Heartbleed to vacate his corpse. Simultaneously, Aid’s Crows, Jadus’s patron, and the Strevandor fragment within Malcolm grabbed for the artifact with the ghostly mage succeeding and vanishing from sight. Not having time to debate this, Aid revivified Heinrich and the party fought against Cleaves and the remaining Charnel Children.



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