The Arluenian Throne

Jericho, the Western Wonder
The Flight of Malcom Graves

Our heroes stood outside the burning ruins of the Orphanage watching the flames, until suddenly Heinrich pulled his blade on Malcolm. Jadus knocked Aid unconscious and flew away with Malcolm easily outpacing the slow Paladin. Disappointed Heinrich, Aid and Trap departed for Jericho. Once inside the massive city Trap and Heinrich entered into the Tourney meeting Josie Starhewen in the process. Outside the Court they met Tirion Highwall a disposed noblemen looking for justice for his family. With him the party found a room in a nice tavern. Meanwhile Lantros Ravenstorm IV was attending mass in St. Augustine’s Cathedral, when suddenly the entire room erupted in flames and Lantros was knocked unconscious. Hearing the ruckus the party accompanied by Tirion entered into the Cathedral, roused Lantros, and fought against the Salamanders and Efreet that were assaulting the Cathedral rescuing the Archmage.

A Journey to Gulltown

Finally escaping the Shadowfell the party earned themselves a short reprieve and took it easy for a few weeks. During this time Doctor Avelino (a Priest of the Stranger) sent envoys to the Temple of Shadows seeking to bring Aid to Gulltown. Heinrich was similarly propositioned by Sethwen Crondalia and the heroes first learned of the King’s Tourney. Traveling to Gulltown to hire a ship they discover that the one they were supposed to board was burned and the only available one is owned by Marcus Gallowmere III. This pious individual would provide passage to the party in exchange for them destroying a local cult. Aid learns that Avelino is being framed as a cult leader and is additionally incentivised to destroy the Cult. Eventually the party learns of the strange brothel known as the House of Silence within all the working girls are discovered to be Wights with “Slim” Williams the proprietor a necromancer, he however insists that his “girls” are not behind the attacks but instead the Cult is based with The Cleaves Home for Wayward Youths and Foundlings. After investigating the place the party launches an assault against it and as the building burned around them they fought Charnel Children demonic children devouted to a dark god. Heinrich was slain by Lucinda Penbrook (a particularly nasty child) causing the fearsome Heartbleed to vacate his corpse. Simultaneously, Aid’s Crows, Jadus’s patron, and the Strevandor fragment within Malcolm grabbed for the artifact with the ghostly mage succeeding and vanishing from sight. Not having time to debate this, Aid revivified Heinrich and the party fought against Cleaves and the remaining Charnel Children.

Strevandor's End?

Our heroes entered into the Great Warren, now knowing what they must do to defeat Strevandor. The party explored the Warren and fought against King Skullmad’s horrible visage and managed to destroy the Cauldron of Souls. After some deliberation the party continued forward and faced down against Zalas the Traitor who they decided to let go on his way, though the Traitor soon faced his death at the hands of Aid. Seemingly arriving early the party fought against Strevandor and his Tower before destroying it inside and out. Strevandor showed his true form the Dragon Umbrlis, explaining how and why he tricked them. The second fight against Umbrlis went better than the first and they slew Strevandor for a second time. Or did they…

Mysoga's Cave

While enroute to Mysoga’s Cave the party was trapped within an abandoned village each receiving strange totems and visions of the future. Trap received a corn carrier and three rotten pieces of corn, Aid received a strange locket, Malcolm received a cigar case with a single cigar, Heinrich found the broken hilt of his familial blade, Jadas found a blackened noose, Drosan received a key and Wilax received a crown of winter roses. Finally reaching the Cave Jadus managed to talk the party into the Trolls good graces and the party earned the assistance of Mysoga’s tribe.

Temple of Shadow Part 2

After dealing with the second black dragon Malcolm came to the realization that they probably have a mother nearby. The group delved into the caverns beneath and met the elder dragon which turned out to be the father not the mother. The fight was heated as the dragon avoided attacks by staying in the air and picked the party off one by one. Eventually a standstill was reached and the two parties discovered that there goals actually aligned and the dragon (Umbris) revealed that to escape the Shadowfell the party would have to kill Strevandor. Umbris sent the party to converse with Mysoga the former mate of Skullmad the Troll King.

The Temple in the Shadows

After a audience with the Ghostlord the party was released and were allowed to wander around in his domain. Meeting up with Hawke Fellwood who was trapped in the Shadowfell following a unsuccessful hunting. After a quick debate the party decided that it would be for the best if they quickly left the Shadowfell, and headed toward a abandoned temple to the Stranger within which they hoped to find a means to travel home. Fighting Death Giants, zombies and a Black Dragon, the party settled down for a night’s rest within the Temple before setting off in the morning however while they slept they were attacked by a second Black Dragon.

Into Shadow

Fleeing from Silent Watch in the dead of the night the party was attacked by a group of bounty hunters who were chasing Malcolm. This group was led by Pretty Meris and Father O’Donovan former members of the Sheriff Buttle’s men. Meris was slain by Drosan after a prolonged fight prompting a message from the Stranger. Father O’Donovan was discovered to also worship the Stranger and Aid vouched for him leading him to temporarily join the party. The day after the fight a Crow approached Aid and after she fed it, the crow began to follow her. Returning to Barrowtown to discover the Crondalia forces at half strength. Winsor banished the party blaming them for the death of his son. While Aid waited outside the Barrowtown the crow led her through the woods to a abandoned tribesmen village inside of which was an open grave which had a strange shadow. Realizing that the Grave was of some importance Aid gathered the rest of the party and returned at midnight and upon entering the grave the group was transported to the Shadowfell after traveling through the woods for a bit they were apprehended by a group of Revenants lead by a man named Sir Garner who led them to his leader the Ghostlord Strevandor of the Ordo Hereticus.

Battle with the Banshegh
The Explosion at the Inn

Graves was getting tired of these repeated dealings with the Banshegh and now decided to deal with the creature in the only way he knew how, by blowing it up. Malcolm returned to the shop of Briel Threefingers and purchased more black powder much to the chagrin of her apprentices. Drosan directed Aid to the secret temple while he tried unsuccessfully to find work.. Aid spoke with the Priest but was unable to gleam any useful information. That night Malcolm set up a trap, Drosan was placed sleeping in a bed within the common room of the tavern right next to a pair of powder kegs with a trail of black powder leading safely to Malcolm nearly 25ft back. Somehow Drosan thought this was a good idea. When the black tendrils arrived the Aid had to sever the connection and ran into the blast zone but failed to realize she didn’t have a dagger and tried to cut the tendrils with her warhammer instead beaning the sleeping Wilax in the stomach. At this point Graves shot through the Tendrils himself and set off the explosion which barely hurt Aid and the Banshegh but did managed to collaspe the Inn on top of them. Now the battle contiuned in the ruins of the inn and came very close to a deadly loss but in the end Malcom shoved both his barrels in the spirits faith and usurped her bloodline. How will the rest of the party react? More importantly how will the reclusive townsfolk?

The Land of the Banshegh

The party spent much of the day preparing for the nightly curfew in the hopes of a confrontation with the Banshegh. Dariel and Heinrich’s attempts to speak with Lady Justina were rebuffed, Drosan managed to find the secret temple of the old gods and spoke to the Priest there about the creature known as Apocalypse and discovered that magically sealing the creature is the only way to permanently get rid of it. Come nightfall the party fought the Banshegh in the city streets chasing it down as it devoured the dreams of people as it went house to house. After a prolonged fight with the creature they were hit by a fireball by and unseen enity and Dariel fell prey to a Sleep spell allowing the Banshegh to escape. The next day Dariel again tried to confront Lady Justina by her guards Derf and Trebor and began to suspect the wizard Gaatius to be the attacker. After Dariel intimidated the wizard into allowing him a warrant to hunt the creature Dariel returned to his rooms only to be disintegrated shortly before the curfew. Heinrich and Aid discovered his fate and met up with the mysterious Shade who had arrived to late to help his brother. Together the trio failed to defeat the Banshegh for the third time with the creature leaving them to bleed out in the dark of the night.

Apocalypse Now part 1

The Party travelled out into the Crondalia lands to track down a group of Tribesmen, upon entering the first village they discovered the entire population dead but not by barbarian hands. All subsequent villages were similarly empty until they caught up to the tribesmen and managed to ambush them, and after slaying a few came to realize that they were truly not the culprits and Heinrich encouraged them to stand down. After a tense moment between Aid and Dariel and sentient plague wind washed over the group striking down the Barbarians and injuring the party. The heroes debated whether or not they should follow the creature but in the end they returned unable to defeat the monster. Returning to town the party learns that Lord Winsor is calling the banners as the Tangrent army marches northward into there land. Dariel is sent to rally Lady Justina’s highly trained forces while his Brother and Mother gatherer allies from the west and east respectively. After speaking to Justina they were informed of the nightly curfew. During the night most of the party was infected with terrible dreams and the visage of a wailing woman, Drosan managed to force the creature out of Wilax’s head, while Trap managed to do the same to Malcolm. Heinrich, Aid and Dariel all suffered from the full effects and now the party determine what is happening in the Mountains of Silent Watch.


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